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Full Range of Marine, Yacht, Shipping, Tanker and Other Maritime Training Courses at Maritime Training Academy Gosport, UK

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Located at Gosport Hamphire in UK, The Training Academy is the classroom and tailored training division of the Maritime Services Group. Maritime Services Group includes Maritime Services International, one of the world’s leading maritime surveying specialists and Maritime Training Academy, a market leader in distance learning. Whether you wish to upskill in English language, learn what it’s like to work on a superyacht, acquire the knowledge to run a business, upskill a whole workforce or take your industry expertise to a higher level.

The Training Academy works with some of the leading trainers and experts in their fields providing bespoke courses to support you in achieving excellence. The academy offers a full range of bespoke maritime training. All courses can be delivered individually over one to five days dependent on the depth of knowledge required and the initial level of knowledge of the learners.

Every course offered can be delivered at our training centre in the UK, on-site at your premises, on-board your vessel or in a suitable location of choosing.

the training academy maritime training

Training Programs

MYBA Superyacht Broker Seminars

  • MYBA Superyacht Brokers Seminar (3 days): The annual three day MYBA superyacht brokers seminar is organized in association with MYBA and takes place in the idyllic setting of Nice in the South of France. The seminar will gather together a panel of industry leading experts who will guide the participants through three intensive and highly interactive days of analysis, debate and practical case studies on all aspects of Superyacht brokering. Delegate numbers are strictly limited to 32 places.
  • MYBA Intermediate Seminars for Experienced Superyacht Brokers (Charter Seminar & Sale and Purchase Seminar): These one day MYBA Intermediate Seminars for Experienced Superyacht Brokers will provide an in-depth look at the MYBA Superyacht Charter and Sale and Purchase processes. They are designed for experienced yachting professionals whom wish to expand their knowledge of the sector with other experienced professionals.

Superyacht Management Courses

  • Superyacht Management Course (3 days): The three day Superyacht Management course is ideal for companies working in related areas such as superyacht brokerage who are looking to expand their teams skill set and develop additional income streams. It includes content from over 25 years of experience in the superyacht sector and will undoubtedly grow your staff’s knowledge.
  • Introduction to Superyacht Management
  • Management of Safety on a Superyacht
  • Emergency Preparation and Response on a Superyacht
  • Superyacht Ownership Structures
  • Logistics of Superyacht Management
  • Budgets and Accounting for Superyacht Managers
  • Management of Security on Superyachts
  • Essential Law for Superyacht Managers
  • Insurance of Superyachts

Technical Management on Superyachts

  • Managing Superyachts for Charter
  • Superyacht Personnel – Recruitment, Induction,
  • Motivation, Training and Retention of Superyacht Crew
  • Superyacht and Yacht Surveying Training
  • An Introduction to the Superyacht Industry and the Role of the Yacht Surveyor
  • The Essential Basics of Carrying out a Yacht Survey
  • Report Writing for Marine Surveyors
  • Running a Successful Yacht Surveying Business
  • Essential Law for Yacht and Small Craft Surveyors
  • Surveying GRP Yachts
  • Surveying Steel and Aluminium Yachts
  • Surveying Wooden Boats
  • Surveying Yacht Engines and Systems
  • Surveying Rigs and Sails
  • Valuation Surveys
  • Sea trials for Surveyors
  • Surveying Yacht Engines
  • Surveying Yacht Systems

Superyacht New Build Courses

  • An Introduction to Superyacht Building
  • Basics of Superyacht Project Management
  • Basic Law and Contract Law for Superyacht New Builds
  • Managing Expectations During a Superyacht Build
  • Changes and Change Orders During a Superyacht Build
  • The Superyacht Build Process
  • Accountancy and Payments of a Superyacht Build
  • Building the Superyacht
  • Documentation Required when Building a Superyacht
  • Superyacht Project Completion and Acceptance

Superyacht Deckhand Courses

  • New to Industry Superyacht Deck Crew Training
  • An Introduction to the Superyacht Industry
  • How to find a Job as a Superyacht Deckhand
  • Yacht Design
  • Working on Aluminium Vessels
  • Working on GRP Vessels
  • Working on Steel Vessels
  • Working on Wooden Vessels
  • Basic Engineering for Superyacht Deckhands
  • Operating Tenders and Toys
  • Living Aboard
  • Guest Relations
  • Efficient Deckhand
  • Working with Sails and Rigging
  • First Class Steel and Wood Care
  • Operating Tenders and Toys
  • Giving Outstanding Customer Service

Technical Ship Management Courses

  • The Shipping Industry and the Role of the Superintendent
  • Quality Assurance - Safety and Security in shipping
  • Essential Commercial and Shipping Law
  • Maintenance and Docking for Ship Managers
  • Finance Considerations in Ship Management
  • The Ship Life Cycle
  • Project Management and Reporting for Ship Managers
  • Emergency Preparation and Response for Ship Managers
  • The Role of a Marine Superintendent
  • The Role of a Technical Superintendent

Superyacht Interior Crew Courses

  • New to Industry Superyacht Interior Crew Training
  • Mixology for Superyacht Interior Crew
  • Barista for Superyacht Interior Crew
  • Food Hygiene for Superyacht Interior Crew
  • Superyacht Laundry
  • Flower Arranging for Superyacht Crew
  • The GUEST Program

Superyacht Operations Training

  • An Introduction to the Superyacht Industry
  • Overseeing Personnel on a Superyacht
  • Operational Management of a Superyacht
  • Interior Management and Catering on Superyachts
  • Accounting for Superyacht Operators
  • Chartering a Superyacht, an Operational View
  • Repairs and Maintenance of superyachts
  • Legal Aspects of Superyacht Management
  • Superyacht Insurance
  • New Building Project Management
  • Security and ISPS for Superyachts
  • The International Safety Management Code

Superyacht Refit Training

  • An Introduction to Superyacht Refit Management
  • Refitting a Superyacht
  • Contracts During the Superyacht Refit Process
  • Managing Expectations During a Superyacht Refit
  • The Refit Process of a Superyacht
  • Changes and Change Orders During Superyacht Refit
  • Project Management of a Superyacht Refit
  • Accountancy and Payments During a Superyacht Refit
  • Managing Superyacht Refit Documentation
  • Superyacht Refit Project Completion and Acceptance

Maritime Firefighting Courses

  • Introduction to Maritime Firefighting
  • Chemistry of Combustion
  • Prevention and Suppression of Fire and Explosion (SOLAS)
  • Escape and Operational Requirements (SOLAS)
  • Special requirements (SOLAS)
  • International Fire Safety Systems (FSS) Code
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Firefighting Operations in Maritime Environments
  • Post Fire Procedures

Marine Insurance Claim Courses

  • Introduction to Marine Insurance Claims
  • Handling P&I Claims
  • Handling Cargo Claims
  • Handling Hull and Machinery Claims
  • Handling Salvage Claims
  • Handling Small Yacht Claims
  • Handling Boatyard or Marina Claims
  • Legal Aspects Associated with Marine Insurance Handling
  • The Role of the Loss Adjuster
  • The Role of the Insurance Surveyor

Ship Security and Anti-piracy Training

  • Introduction to Ship Security and Anti-Piracy Operations
  • Historic and Current Situation of Ship Security and Anti-piracy
  • The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS)
  • The Law and Ship Security
  • Preventative Measures and Security Procedures for Anti-piracy
  • Dealing with a Maritime Piracy Event
  • Preventative Anti-piracy Security Measures on Commercial Vessels
  • Passenger Vessel Security
  • Superyacht and Private Yacht Security
  • Crew Impacts of Vessel Security and Anti-piracy Measures and Events
  • On shore Security in the Maritime Industry

Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Courses

  • An Overview of the Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Industry
  • Overview of Ship Repair Work to Hull Machinery
  • Project Management in Shipbuilding and Ship Repair
  • Shipbuilding Yards and the New Building Process
  • Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Contracts
  • The Ship Docking and Undocking Process

Marine Pilotage Courses

  • Introduction to Marine Pilotage
  • Marine Pilotage Training and Techniques
  • Marine Pilotage Law
  • Canal and River Pilotage
  • Use of Tugs in Marine Pilotage
  • Boarding and Leaving a Vessel for Marine Pilots
  • Ship Handling as a Marine Pilot
  • Sea and Offshore Marine Pilotage
  • Master/Pilot Information Exchange
  • Harbour and Dock Marine Pilotage

Restoration of Historic Ships and Boats Courses

  • Deciding on a Vessel to Restore
  • Support and Finance needed to Restore a Historic Vessel
  • Managing the Process of Restoring Historic Ships and Boats
  • Choosing Whether to Preserve or Restore/Rebuild a Historic Vessel
  • Running a Restoration Project on a Historic Vessel
  • Restoration of Mechanical Systems/Steam or Diesel on Historic Vessels
  • Providing Outcomes for Employment/Training Opportunities on Historic Vessels
  • Use of a Restored Historic Vessel Once Complete
  • Upkeep of Historic Vessels

Health and Safety Ship Operations Courses

  • Introduction to Health and Safety for Ship Operations
  • Health and Safety Duties and Obligations to Oneself and Others
  • Risk Assessment in Ship Operations
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) used in Ship Operations
  • Specific High Risk Activities in Ship Operations
  • Slips, Trips and Falls in Marine Locations
  • Reporting of Accidents and Incidents
  • The Law of Health and Safety
  • The Human Element in Health and Safety
  • Health and Safety in Port Operations
  • Accident Causation and Analysis
  • Classic Accidents their Causes and Analysis

LNG Shipping Courses

  • Introduction to Liquefied Natural Gas Carriers
  • International Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships Carrying Liquefied Gases In Bulk (IGC Code)
  • LNG Carrier Design and Construction
  • LNG Containment Systems
  • LNG Carrier Propulsion
  • LNG Cargo Operations
  • LNG Custody Transfer
  • LNG Accidents
  • LNG Carrier Management
  • LNG Ship Inspections
  • LNG Case Studies
  • Port State Control and Flag State Control for LNG Vessels
  • Classification Societies and LNG Carriers

Tanker Operations Courses

  • Tanker Operations Introduction
  • Tanker Design and Construction
  • Tanker Stability, Gauging Systems and Operating Systems
  • Tanker Cargo Operational Checks and Procedures
  • Tanker Cargo Management Systems and Safety Control Systems
  • Tanker Fire Safety and Maintenance Systems
  • Shuttle Tankers/FSU/MCV Operations
  • International Codes for Tankers
  • Maritime (Tanker) Law

Port State Control Courses

  • Introduction to Port State Control
  • Understanding SOLAS
  • Understanding STCW
  • Understanding MARPOL
  • Understanding MLC
  • Understanding Classification
  • Understanding ISPS
  • Understanding ISM Code
  • Legal Aspects of Port State Control
  • The work of a Port State Control Surveyor

Marine Salvage Operations Courses

  • Introduction to the Marine Salvage Industry
  • History of Marine Salvage and Notable Salvage
  • Marine Salvage Operations
  • Basics of Marine Salvage
  • The Law of Marine Salvage
  • Marine Salvage Operations
  • The Coastal State and the Salvor
  • Explaining Lloyd’s Open Form
  • Alternative Salvage Agreements in LNG Shipping
  • Salvage from the LNG Ship Owner and Master’s Perspective

Ship Surveying Training

  • Introduction to Ship Surveying
  • Essential Law when Ship Surveying
  • Report Writing for Marine Surveyors
  • The Different Types of Ship Survey
  • Safety and Operational During Ship Surveys
  • Incident and Accident Investigation for Ships
  • Surveying Ship Engines and Ship Systems
  • ISM and ISPS in Ship Surveying
  • Completing Warranty and Insurance Surveys
  • Cargo Surveys for Marine Surveyors
  • Flag and Port State Control Inspections
  • Surveying the Hull Structure of a Ship

Maritime Law Courses

  • Introduction to Maritime Law History of Lloyd’s
  • An Introduction to Lloyds of London and the Yacht Market
  • Maritime Law with Regards to Carriage of Goods by Sea
  • Charterparties and the Law
  • Maritime Law in Ownership and Registration
  • Maritime Law in Ship Mortgages and Finance
  • Maritime Law for Seafarers and Employment
  • Maritime Law in Collision, Salvage and Wreck
  • Maritime Law with regards to Personal Injuries at Sea
  • International Conventions in Maritime Law
  • Insurance and General Average Law
  • Admiralty Jurisdiction

Additional Maritime Training

  • Conducting an Inclining Test
  • Marine Incident Investigation
  • Maritime Emergency Preparation and Response
  • All Aspects of Using the MYBA Superyacht Broker Agreements
  • Maritime Search and Rescue
  • Radar and ARPA Course
  • Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)
  • Understanding STCW
  • Scaffolding in Shipyards
  • Crane Operation

Offshore Operations Courses

  • Introduction to Offshore Surveying
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling Industry Introduction
  • Production, Drilling (Semi-Submersible, Drillship, FPSO and Jackup etc) Safety, Operations, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Semi-submersible/Drillship/Jack-up Transit Operations
  • Marine Drilling Systems and Equipment with an Operational Overview
  • Semi-submersible/Drillship/Jack-up Offshore Drilling Operations
  • Production Vessels Marine Operations Offshore
  • Anchor Handling and Supply Vessel Operations
  • Introduction to Offshore Legislation and Governing Bodies

Boatyard and Marina Operations Courses

  • Introduction to Yacht Boatyard and Marina Operations
  • Commercial Vessel Boatyard Operations
  • Project Managing Refits and Builds
  • Legal Aspects Associated with a Boatyard or Marina
  • Policies and Procedures in a Marina or Boatyard
  • Boatyard and Marina Development
  • Running a Successful Boatyard or Marina
  • Dealing with Incidents and Accidents in a Boatyard or Marina

Boat Building Courses

  • Deciding on a Boat to Build
  • Managing the Build Process of your Boat
  • Official Documentation/Training needed when Building your Own Boat
  • Basics of Yacht/Boat Building
  • Mechanical Systems needed to Build a Boat
  • Building a Boat in Steel/Aluminium
  • Building a Boat in Wood
  • Building a Boat in GRP
  • Fitting out a Self-built Boat
  • Finishing a Self-built Vessel