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Founded in 1921 and headquartered at Ottawa Canada, Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (CSCB) represents Canada's customs brokers and actively seek and achieve improvements in government policies and procedures on behalf of the members and their clients. CSCB provides advice and guidance to Canadian and international regulators on new policy directions and also develop partnerships throughout the industry to create effective business solutions for the future.

CSCB membership is available to all licensed Canadian customs brokers and is one of the most authoritative, respected organizations in Canada's International Trade community. The CSCB includes over 160 customs broker members, over 4,200 CCS (Certified Customs Specialist) designates, over 240 CTCS (Certified Trade Compliance Specialist) designates, and more than 700 students on an annual basis.

The CSCB offers several courses to both CSCB members and non-members. In order to be able to reach students in all geographical areas, courses are provided online. CSCB is also a member of the International Network of Customs Universities (INCU).

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Certification & Training Programs

Certified Customs Specialist (CCS)

  • The CCS designation offered by the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers is the marketplace standard and is recognized and demanded by those who deliver and use customs services in Canada.
  • In order to become a CCS, an individual must - successfully complete the CSCB CCS (Certified Customs Specialist) course, OR work for a CSCB member, have at least two years’ work experience in the industry and successfully challenge the examination (writing the examination without enrolling in the CCS course).
  • Certified Customs Specialists must maintain their designations on an annual basis which ensures that they are up-to-date on new customs policies, administrative programs and fast-changing international trade agreements.

Certified Trade Compliance Specialist (CTCS)

  • The CTCS (Certified Trade Compliance Specialist) designation recognizes the experience and expertise of international trade compliance professionals, sets a standard for ongoing professional development in a field where change is constant, and supports a network for information sharing and collaboration.
  • The designation will be awarded upon successful completion of ten modules, eight mandatory and two elective, within a 5-year period.
  • To maintain the CTCS designation, the designate must earn professional development credits over a three year period

CSCB Certification Training Programs (Online)

  • CCS (Certified Customs Specialist) Program: In addition to a detailed review of the four basic steps involved in the Canadian customs process - Reporting of Goods, Release of Goods, Accounting for Goods and Payment of Duties and Taxes - the students will be learning other 13 subject areas such as Canadian Customs Tariff Classification System, Tariff Treatments and Trade Agreements, Valuation etc.  
  • CCS Training Program Enrollment: An individual may enroll if she or he - has one year of verifiable experience in a Canadian customs environment; OR has successfully completed the CSCB Introduction to Canadian Customs & Border Procedures online course; OR has successfully completed the following Seneca College International Transportation and Customs program ; OR has successfully completed aw and Security Administration - Customs Border Services, or International Trade program from Fleming College; OR has successfully completed Customs Border Services program from Loyalist College ; OR is a current US CCS Designate.
  • CTCS (Certified Trade Compliance Specialist) Program: The CTCS (Certified Trade Compliance Specialist) Program of Study is suitable for international trade compliance professionals looking to enhance their trade compliance knowledge.
  • CTCS Training Program Enrollment: An individual may enroll if he or she has 5 years of experience in a trade compliance environment. To earn the designation through the program, program entrants are required to successfully complete 10 modules, 8 mandatory and 2 elective within 5 years of enrolling in the first module.
  • Introduction to Canadian Customs & Border Procedures Course: The Introduction to Canadian Customs & Border Procedures online course offers flexible and interactive professional training for adult learners. Students may enroll in the Introduction to Canadian Customs & Border Procedures course at any time and have maximum 180 days to complete it, including the final examination.
  • CCS (Certified Customs Specialist) Course: Designate Version

Other Trade Courses

  • Harmonized System of Tariff Classification
  • Valuation and Transfer Pricing
  • Rules of Origin and Trade Agreements
  • GST/HST/PST/Excise Tax
  • Refunds, Duty Deferral and Remissions
  • Customs Compliance, Verification and Audit
  • Export Controls and Documentation
  • Freight and Documentation
  • Customs Brokerage Management and Client Relations
  • Trusted Traders
  • Importing Food
  • Courier Low Value Shipment Program (CLVS)
  • Human Resources