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Maritime, Navigation, Engineering, and Maritime Law Training & Education

aumsa russia

Federal State Educational Institution of higher vocational training Admiral Ushakov Maritime Academy is the largest educational institution of water transport and the only higher educational institution in the South of Russia training marine specialists for shipping companies, building and shipbuilding plants, works of water transport, ports and transport terminals.

The Academy prepares personnel in 14 specialties of higher vocational education. It comprises 5 faculties, 36 departments, Southern Regional Center of Additional and Vocational Training (SRCAVT), branches in Rostov-na-Donu, Sevastopol and Astrakhan. For performing study process the Academy posses study-laboratory complex with a block of lecture rooms and three study buildings, more than 500 laboratories and study rooms, reading hall for 160 seats, library with a book store of 300 000 copies.

The Academy owns the complex of up-to-date navigation simulators including 21 professional simulators and 12 mini-simulators, imitating ship’s equipment. In particular simulator of handling and maneuvering ship, simulators of communication system and electronic cartography using modern educational Internet technologies. On the basis of the Southern Regional Center of Additional and Vocational Training (SRCAVT) the refresher courses for ship’s personnel (136 kind of training) are arranged and regularly work. The post-graduate course prepares scientific-pedagogical personnel. In the Academy work two Doctor’s Boards for awarding scientific degree of candidate and doctorate.

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Training Programs


Regular Programs

  • Navigation
  • Ship Power Plant Operation
  • Ship Electrical and Automatic Equipment Operation and Maintenance
  • Shore Based Transport Technological Complexes
  • Logistics
  • Ecology
  • Operation and Management of Transport Radio Equipment
  • Water Transport Management and Hydrographic Safety of Navigation
  • Information Security
  • IT Systems and Technologies
  • Economics
  • Transport Technological Machinery and Complexes Operation
  • Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Quality Management
  • Technology of Transportation Process
  • Culturology
  • Law
  • Service
  • Psychology
  • State and Municipal Management
  • Customs

Postgraduate Programs

  • Earth Sciences - Ecology (watercraft)
  • Informatics and Computer Engineering - System analysis, control and information processing & Automation and management of technological processes and productions
  • Electronics, Radio Engineering and Communication Systems - Systems, networks and devices of telecommunication
  • Equipment and Technologies of Shipbuilding and Water Transport - Ship power plants and their elements (main and auxiliary) & Exploitation of water transport, navigation
  • Economics - Economy and national economy management (according to branches and spheres of activity, including: Economics, organization and management of enterprises, branches, complexes (watercraft)
  • Jurisprudence - Theory and history of law and state; history of the doctrines of law and the state
  • Military Sciences - Military training and education, battle training, military pedagogy and psychology, management of the daily activities of troops

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