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STCW, Deck and Engineer Officer, Catamaran and Hydrofoil, Simulator and other Training Programs in Split, Croatia

ssm maritime centre

Located at Split Croatia, SSM Training Centre provides maritime training programs for professional mariners worldwide. The center is able to provide training in 3 languages - English, Italian or Croatian. SSM Training Centre offers full range of courses from initial deck and engineer officer entry, through to senior officer certificates and mandatory safety courses including full mission simulators and equipment courses.

The SSM Training Centre also regularly provides flag approved training dedicated to high-speed craft (catamaran and hydrofoil), security officer courses to professional/amateur yachtsmen. Ongoing professional development of both seagoing personnel and courses for shore-based staff are also delivered. Some courses can even be delivered at the client premises or on board ships.

SSM United is the parent company of SSM Training Centre and it provides full set of ship management services such as crew management, commercial management, newbuild / drydock support, ships agency, consulting services, and medical services to name a few.

ssm maritime centre training

Training Programs

Safety & Fire Courses

  • Familiarization training (1 day)
  • Basic safety trainings (7 days)
  • Advance Fire Fighting (4 days)

Deck & Engineering Programs

  • Master of ship up to 200 GT in Navigational Area 5 (STCW HR II/2) (7days)
  • Rating forming part of Navigational Watch (STCW II/4) (2 days)
  • OOW of Ship up to 500GT in Navigational Area 3 (STCW II/3) (16 days)
  • Rating forming part of Engineering Watch (STCW III/4) (2 days)
  • Officer In-charge of Engineering Watch up to 750 kW in Navigational Area 5 (HR III/5) (12 days)

Radar and ARPA Training

  • Radar Observer (3 days)
  • ARPA - operating level (5 days)
  • ARPA - management level (3 days)

Radio Courses

  • GMDSS Restricted operator certificate (ROC) (HR IV/1) (3 days)
  • GMDSS General Operator certificate (GOC) (STCW IV/2) (10 days)

Tanker Courses

  • Oil and Chemical Tankers Familiarization (5 days)
  • Liquefied Gas Tanker Familiarization (4 days)
  • Oil Tanker Training Program (6 days)
  • Liquefied Gas Tanker Training Program (6 days)
  • Chemical Tanker Training Program (6 days)

Boats & Yachts Courses

  • Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat (3 days)
  • Certificate in Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats (3 days)
  • Type Rating Certificate for Ratings on board HSC (3 days)
  • Type Rating Certificate for Master and Officers on board HSC (4 days)
  • Boat skipper cat. “C” (3 days)
  • Yacht Master cat. “A” up to 100GT (8 days)
  • Yacht Master cat. “B” up to 500GT (22 days)

First Aid and Medical Care Courses

  • Proficiency in First Aid aboard Ship (3 days)
  • Proficiency in Medical Care aboard Ship (5 days)

Passenger Ships Courses

  • Security measures on a passenger ship (STCW V/2) - Crew (2days)
  • Security measures on a passenger ship (STCW V/2) - Officer (3 days)

Cargo Handling Courses

  • Dangerous Cargo Handling (3 days)

Safety Courses

  • Ship Security Officer (2 days)
  • Basic Security Training (1 day)
  • Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (1 day)


  • Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) (4 days)

Human Resources Management Courses

  • Bridge Resource Management (2 days)
  • Engine Resource Management (2 days)
  • Leadership Training - operational level (2 days)
  • Leadership Training - management level (2 days)

Environment Courses

  • Environmental Awareness (1 day)

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