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Maritime, Nautical, Yacht & Marina, Engineering & Technology Education & Training in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Founded in 2003, The University of Dubrovnik (Sveuńćilište u Dubrovniku) is is the youngest university located in Dubrovnik, Croatia. By its programs, its organization and its technical equipment, the University of Dubrovnik can be stands among very modern educational institutions. The foundations of a very long tradition of the university go back to the 17th century. Jesuits founded the Collegium Ragusinum in 1624, which was promulgated into a public institution of high learning where art and natural sciences were studied.

The Collegium Ragusinum is the real predecessor of the modern higher education in Dubrovnik functioning successfully from the middle of the last century, through to the nineties of the last century. It had its basis in over forty years of high education of seafarers at the Maritime Faculty of Dubrovnik and more than thirty years of education Business economics (tourism, marketing and foreign trade).

Dubrovnik, a magnificent historic city, founded in the 7th century, traces its roots to the ancient world. It was the only city-state on the entire Croatian coast, from the 14th to the 19th century. Seafaring and trade, together with the wise international policy and skilful diplomacy brought economic and cultural prosperity and centuries of prosperity to that free city–state. The Dubrovnik people were known as good seafarers, tradesmen, scientists and writers.

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Academic & Training Programs

Undergraduate Programs

  • Marine Engineering (3 years): The essential content of this program is regulated by the international criteria and the curriculum conforms to the Bologna Declaration and Maritime Code, guaranteeing consistently high standards. Graduates of this program receive a sound theoretical foundation combined with broad practical experience. The University is equipped with all appropriate modern teaching aids, such as marine engineering simulation, life-boats with davits for training purposes, a fire-fighting area, a marine engineering laboratory, computer room and a research training ship “Naše More”.
  • B.Tech in Marine Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies (3 years): The Study of Marine Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies is intended for all those interested in qualifying for work in the field of modern communication systems, in a marine or commercial context, using sophisticated equipment integrated network systems.
  • Nautical Studies (3 years): All those who feel drawn to the sea and to distant ports are candidates for the Nautical Department which curriculum has been designed to comply with the Bologna Declaration and Maritime Code. The training measures up to the highest world standards in full compliance with the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Qualifications obtained are valid all over the world.
  • Bachelor of Yacht and Marina Technologies (3 years): It is intended for all those interested in managing marinas, yachts and small crafts. The 6-semester study qualifies anyone who seeks employment at sea or at a shore for positions in marina management, chartering of yachts and small craft, as well as for skippers. During the theoretical section students learn about the maritime and economic basics required for management in nautical tourism and maritime activities. In addition, practical experience is provided in laboratories at the University of Dubrovnik, on the training-research ship 'Naše More', yachts and in marinas.

Graduate Programs

  • M.Tech in Marine Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies (2 years): The duration of the Master degree program “Marine Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies” is 2 years (4 semesters); upon completion of the study a student gains 120 ECTS. Based on practical experience, the study is organized in small groups of students. Special attention is given to students' active involvement in field work, practicing their knowledge and skills and working for the potential future employers.
  • Master in Maritime Transport (Maritime Studies) - 2 years: The Graduate Maritime Studies Course involves a two year study i.e. four semesters (120 ECTS credits). The basic goals in education of future mariners is to develop the expertise required to manage, handle and maintain modern technical and technological ship, port and transport systems; to encourage capacity for scientific research in the area of marine sciences etc.