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Marine Technology & Maritime Operations Seafaring Education and Training in Turku, Finland

novia university of applied sciences

Novia University of Applied Sciences offers multidisciplinary higher education with a practical orientation, training professionals for expert and development posts. There are 34 Degree Programs leading to a Bachelor's Degree. Novia University of Applied Sciences is the result of a merger between Svenska Yrkeshögskolan and Yrkeshögskolan Sydväst in 2008. The new organization has a 150-year continuum of education, dynamic and adaptable to the changing needs of society.

Novia UAS has about 4000 students and a staff workforce of 400 people. Novia has five educational units or campuses in Jakobstad/Nykarleby, Vaasa (Seriegatan and Wolffskavägen), Raseborg and Turku. Degree programs in English are offered in Raseborg, Turku and Vaasa.

The following programs run entirely in English - Environmental Engineering in Vaasa, Sustainable Coastal Management in Raseborg, Nursing in Vaasa and Maritime programs in Turku.

novia university campus

Academic & Training Programs

Bachelors Degree Program

  • Bachelor of Marine Technology, Maritime Management, Captain with Specialization in Ice Navigation (Polar Code) or ECO (Ecological and Economical Sustainable Development in Seafaring (Turku, 4.5 years, English): The objective of the education is to train competent and versatile captains for the national, European and international traffic. The main tasks of a sea captain include being responsible for and maneuvering a vessel, and transporting cargo in such a way which is safe for both people and the environment. The education also offers bases for functioning in leading positions in land-based organizations within the maritime field. The training fulfils the requirements set in the international Convention on the Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers (STCW Convention). Content of studies include - navigation, seamanship, ship technology, cargo handling, and radio communication.
  • Eligibility: All eligible applicants will receive invitations to the entrance examination. The entrance examination is compulsory and is held in Turku, Finland. An admitted student must provide a health certificate issued by a physician certified by the Finnish Maritime Administration or by a corresponding national maritime body to Novia University of Applied Sciences.

Masters Degree Program

  • Master of Engineering, Autonomous Maritime Operations (Turku, 2 years, English): This Master's degree program is for those interested to be a part of the fourth industrial revolution in maritime technology. The program has a special focus concerning the digitalization of maritime operations. The studies include 6 courses of relevant subjects each of an extent of 5 credits. The studies are optimized for flexible learning and studying, parallel with fulltime employment ashore or at sea. The meetings are used for solving study technical problems and some lecturing. The major part of the studies and instruction is conducted using a learning platform.
  • Eligibility: An appropriate Bachelor's degree in a related field for this program can be Bachelor of Marine Technology, Bachelor of Engineering (seafaring), or another appropriate Bachelor's degree completed in a relevant field such as maritime, marine engineering, automation engineering or ICT engineering.

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