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Maritime, Engineering, Navigation and STCW Training and Education Programs in Mariehamn (Aland Islands), Finland

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Founded in 1997 and located at Mariehamn, Aland Maritime Academy, Aland University of Applied Sciences (Aland UAS) and Maritime Safety Center together provide maritime, engineering, navigation and STCW education and training for those who are interested in merchant marine career and professional seafarers. With over 600 students in various disciplines, the programs offered at Aland University of Applied Sciences provide the theoretical and practical knowledge required to carry out advanced tasks in working life, both independently and in teamwork settings.

Aland Maritime Academy along with Aland Maritime Safety Center offers programs and courses that lead to the awarding of different certificates of competency required to work on board a ship, as well as refresher courses for working seafarers that are required under international regulations.

Aland Maritime Academy consists of three sections - upper secondary-level programs offered by the Maritime College, bachelors degree programs offered by Aland UAS, and open courses offered by the Maritime Safety Center and Aland UAS. Programs and courses are mostly conducted in Swedish language.

Academic & Training Programs

Aland UAS Programs

  • Bachelors Degree in Electro-technical Engineering (4 years - 240 ECTS): The Electro-technical Engineering Program trains future electro-technical engineers, with a special focus on electrical and automation systems in a marine environment. The ship automation degree also includes courses in mechanical and ship engineering as well as engine room simulator training. The program is carried out in accordance with IMO's international STCW standards. Practical training is mandatory.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Marine Engineering (4 years - 270 ECTS): The Marine Engineering degree program specializes in energy and ship engineering. Practical training is mandatory. Students have the opportunity to train in modern, life-sized engine room simulators. The program is based on IMO's international STCW standards. Practical training is mandatory.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Nautical Science (4.5 years - 270 ECTS): This program focuses on four main areas - navigation, marine transport and technology, seafaring skills, and management. The program is carried out in accordance with IMO's international STCW standards. During the course of the program, students acquire both the practical and theoretical proficiency required of professional seafarers. Practical training is mandatory.

Aland Maritime College Programs

  • Deck and Engine Repairman (3 years): This diploma is 180 ECTS and after the training you can work as a crew aboard a ship.
  • Electro-Technical Rating (3 years): This diploma is 180 ECTS
  • Engine officer (3 years): This diploma is 180 ECTS.
  • Deck officer (3 years): This diploma is 180 ECTS and is the basic vocational training for deck officers.

Aland Maritime Safety Center Open Courses

  • Advanced Fire Fighting Refresher
  • Advanced Firefighting
  • Basic Fire Fighting
  • Basic Fire Fighting Refresher
  • Basic Safety Training
  • Basic Safety Training Refresher
  • Cargo Securing
  • Crowd and Crisis Management & Human Behavior Training
  • ECDIS Electronic Chart Display and Information System
  • Fast rescue boats
  • Fast Rescue Boats, Refresher
  • General Radio Operations Certificate
  • IMDG Hazardous Goods
  • Maritime Resource Management
  • Medical Care
  • Medical First Aid
  • Personal Security and Socially Responsibility
  • Security Awareness for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties
  • Security Awareness for Seafarers without Designated Security Duties
  • Ship Security Officer
  • Short Range Radio Certificate
  • Survival craft and rescue boats
  • Survival Craft and Rescue Boats, Refresher

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