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Master Mariner, Merchant Marine, Maritime Resource and Cargo Management Training in Finland


Founded in 1813, Aboa Mare (formerly Sydvast Maritime) has long traditions in Maritime Education in Turku. Today Aboa Mare trains Master Mariners and Marine Engineers at Novia University of Applied Sciences and watchkeeping officers and watchkeeping engineers at Axxell.

In addition to the degree-oriented education, Aboa Mare also arranges weekend courses on which you can study to become a boatmaster, skipper in domestic traffic or engine attendant. In addition to this, Aboa Mare arranges a variety of continuing education courses for professional seafarers, boaters and other interested parties.

Aboa Mare has ship simulators in Turku and Espoo. Certain parts of the education are carried out together with, Meriturva, Wärtsilä and the Maritime Safety Center. In order to be able to offer a wide range of courses and satisfy the needs of the clients, Aboa Mare has created a large network of experts on diverse fields within seafaring, able to teach a large variety of courses and all STCW-courses. In addition to STCW-courses Aboa Mare offers a large number of continuing-education courses, which update and add to your skills and preparedness.

Training Programs

Novia University of Applied Sciences Programs

  • Master Mariner - Maritime Management (English)
  • Master Mariner (Swedish & Finnish)
  • Marine Engineer (Swedish)

As a master mariner you can work as a highest-ranking officer on both Finnish and foreign merchant vessels. The maritime field is full of opportunities on different types of vessels and in all parts of the world. The industry offers an interesting work environment also after a career at sea.

Marine engineers work as the highest-ranking engine officers on both Finnish and foreign vessels. The studies also give proficiency to work in various inspection, expert, planning and management positions for the industry. In addition to this, persons with engineering training work can work in a managerial capacity for the Finnish Defence Forces.

Axxell Programs

  • Watchkeeping Officer (Swedish)
  • Watchkeeping Engineer (Swedish)

Courses for Domestic Traffic Area

  • Skipper’s certificate for domestic service
  • Medical First Aid Provider Course (STCW A-VI/4-1)
  • Simulatorcourse for Boaters
  • Navigation in the dark
  • Radarcourse for Boaters
  • Boatmaster’s Certificate
  • Engine Attendant’s Certificate

Nautical Courses

Pilot Examination

  • Pilotage Exemption Certificates
  • Pilot Licenses
  • Exemptions

Environmental Courses


Ice Navigation Courses

  • Ice Navigation Course (Polar Code) Basic
  • Ice Navigation Course (Polar Code) Advanced
  • Ice Navigation Course (Polar Code) Combined

GMDSS Courses

  • GOC and ROC Refresher
  • ROC
  • GOC

Courses For Boaters

  • Simulator Course for Boaters
  • Navigation in the dark
  • Radar Course for Boaters

Dynamic Positioning (DP) Courses

  • DP Simulator Course
  • DP Maintenance Course
  • DP Induction Course

Cargo Management Courses

  • Basic Tanker
  • Advanced Oil Tanker Courses

Courses For Instructor Training

  • Training Course for Simulator Instructors
  • Assessor Course for Instructors
  • Training Course for Instructors
  • Training Needs Analysis

Courses in Medical Aid

Resource Management Courses

  • MRM
  • SSO
  • CCM

Revalidation of Certificates of competency

  • STCW Revalidation of Certificates of competency
  • Endorsements including Trafi

Search and Rescure (SAR) Courses

  • SAR/OSC Training Day
  • SAR
  • OSC

Vessel Traffic Services (VTS)

Machine Technical Training

  • Chief engineer education, under 3000 kw (AIII/3)

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