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Logistics Engineering, Marine Technology and Maritime Management Programs at SAMK Finland

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Headquartered at Pori on the west coast of Finland, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) is a university of applied sciences in the Satakunta region of Finland. The university offers additional instruction at the SAMK Campus in Rauma, the Fine Arts Campus in Kankaanpää and the Kuninkainen Campus in Huittinen. SAMK provides research and comprehensive study programs in technology and business and administration.

SAMK is a multi-disciplinary and an international higher education institute of approximately 6,000 students and 400 employees. The Logistics and Maritime Technology faculty focuses on international business, logistics and maritime management.

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences has participated in several international projects during the life span of the previous European Framework Program, FP7, and related other funding programs. Projects funded directly from European Commission as well as those under European Regional Development Funding and European Social Funding program, have built a significant part of the research and development activities in the university.

Academic & Training Programs

Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelor of Engineering - Logistics Engineering (Online Distance Studies – 3 to 4 years): Studies in Logistics Engineering include external and outbound logistics including transportation technology and distribution management as well as inbound and internal logistics related to sourcing, materials management and manufacturing. Bachelors of Engineering have a wide variety of career paths. Graduating students find employment in many different industries from metal or marine industry to different service industries. Students are selected on the order of points received from the entrance examination. The maximum number of examination points is 40.
  • Bachelor of Marine Technology (Full Time - Rauma Campus - 4 to 5 years): Maritime academies in Scandinavia have a long reputation for delivering an outstanding curriculum, which prepares students for finding their own niche in the field. Thus, seafarers with a Scandinavian degree in Maritime Studies are in high demand, especially for management level positions. Depending on their work experience they often work as officers, chief officers or Masters on board the ships. The studies include - Navigation and Ship Handling, Shipping Technology and Shipping Economics, Seamanship and Leadership Skills, Ship Service and Maintenance and Ship Building, Ship Engines and Technical Systems, GOC, Maritime Law and Legislation, and Ship Safety and Emergency Management. Students are selected on the order of points received from the online entrance examination. The maximum number of examination points is 100.

Postgraduate Programs

  • Master’s Program in Maritime Management (Master of Marine Technology or Master of Engineering  Online & Blended Learning - 1.5 to 2 years): Maritime Management is a Master’s degree program for sea captains and marine engineering professionals who want to deepen their managerial expertise in safe international marine shipping. The Master’s Program in Maritime Management will offer deeper insight into management of international shipping, risk assessment, safety and security management, resilience engineering, energy and environment of shipping, and modern automation and ICT applications in marine industry. The program is designed for students who have Bachelor’s degree (at least 240 ECTS credits) education compliant with the management level requirements for deck officers or engine officers by IMO STCW and a minimum of at least three years of work experience within the marine field. The entrance examination is compulsory and will contain a multiple-choice test, and an interview.

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