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CPYB Certification and E-Seminars for Yacht Sales Professionals and Yacht Brokers in North America

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Founded in 1920 and based in Annapolis Maryland, Association of Yacht Sales Professionals (YBAA) is professional body representing sales professionals in the Yachting industry throughout North America. , YBAA and its member brokers facilitate cooperation among members for their professional success and continuing education. YBAA defines a Yacht Sales Professional (YSP) as an individual who conforms to industry standards of skill, competence and character in service to their clients. YSPs may represent a buyer and/or seller as a broker in the sale of a recreational yacht, or may be the representative of a yacht dealer or yacht manufacturer in the sale of a vessel.

YBAA along with several other Yachting Associations (FYBA, NYBA, CYBA, GCYBA, and BCYBA) has developed a certification program, CPYB which is the mark of excellence for yacht sales professionals throughout North America. Those who attain, and maintain, their credentials as a Certified Professional Yacht Broker (CPYB) further demonstrate their ongoing commitment to their profession.

YBAA offers teleconference e-Seminars throughout the year providing valuable education and insights for participating Yacht Sales Professionals. Specific e-Seminars are available for brokerage principals, CPYB brokers, brokers and other industry leaders. Participation at each e-Seminar provides 3 CPYB Recertification Credits.

Certification and Training Programs

Certified Professional Yacht Broker (CPYB)

  • CPYB Certification is the mark of excellence for yacht sales professionals throughout North America. CPYB brokers have met professional qualifications and have successfully passed a three-hour examination, testing their skills and knowledge as yacht sales professionals. The applicant, and, where appropriate, the brokerage firm with whom the applicant is currently employed, meets or agrees to comply with the following:
  • The applicant must provide proof that he/she has worked for at least 3 years during the past 10 years as a full time yacht broker and that he/she is currently employed as a full time yacht broker and has been for the past 1 year. The brokerage firm/broker of record maintains a dedicated escrow/trust account that is utilized for all client funds in trust.  The brokerage firm/applicant currently hold all necessary licenses required by all applicable governmental entities. All client payments are made payable to the brokerage firm/broker of record and not to individual brokers. All client transactions are supported by fully executed, contractually sound written agreements, affording protection to both the buyer and seller. All business conducted by the applicant complies in full with the CPYB Code of Ethics. The applicant has not been found in violation of any other yacht broker association's Code of Ethics (of which they are a member) within the previous seven years.

YBAA E-Seminars

  • What Yacht Sales Professionals Need to Know About Marine Insurance
  • Owners, Principal and Managers-Courtesy Showing Protocol
  • What Yacht Sales Professionals Need to Know About Commercial Marine Insurance
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Escrow Agreements
  • AMI Kids Donations
  • Co-Brokerage Process: How to Survive It
  • YBAA Principals e-Seminar
  • Selling Yachts in Snowy Conditions
  • YachtWorld Interactive: SoCal
  • YachtWorld Interactive: NorCal