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Professional Port Manager (PPM) Certification and Port Management Related Seminars & Training in the U.S.

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Headquartered in Alexandria Virginia, the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) is an association representing more than 130 public port authorities of seaport industry in the Americas including U.S. Ports, Canadian Ports, Latin American Ports, and Caribbean Ports. For its U.S. members, AAPA provides compelling advocacy and effective public outreach to influence seaports’ most urgent public policy issues.

AAPA continues to promote the common interests of the port community, and provides critical industry leadership on security, trade, transportation, infrastructure, environmental and other issues related to port development and operations. AAPA forums provide port executives and professionals the opportunity to discuss and collaborate to resolve the challenges most relevant to their ports.

Members benefit from AAPA’s extensive education and training programs, annual events such as the Spring Conference and Annual Convention, and from the Association’s research, communications and public awareness initiatives.

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Certification & Training Programs

Professional Port Manager (PPM®) Certification Program

  • The AAPA Professional Port Manager Program is an industry certification designed to shape the future of port leadership and enhance port management professionalism. If you’re an experienced port manager looking to grow your understanding of the maritime industry as a whole, then the PPM is the right choice for you.
  • Completion of the PPM® establishes future port leaders who have mastered core competencies and foundational aspects of - Facilities Engineering, Marine Terminal Management Training, Finance, Energy & Environment, Public Relations, IT, and Security
  • The AAPA Port Professional Manager Program is built on a foundation of interactive classroom-based, instructor-led sessions held over a four year term where participants have access to the best and brightest thought leaders in the maritime industry. Covering all aspects of the port management profession, these interactions enable you to become a seasoned professional and a valuable asset to your port.
  • The final requirement of the PPM certification is the successful completion of a project of the candidate’s choosing. This real-world learning experience ensures a functional knowledge and understanding of port management principles, roles and responsibilities, and techniques.

AAPA Seminars

  • Port Directors Seminar (2 days): The format offers an exceptional opportunity for discussion of major issues affecting port directors and their organizations, including industry trends, management challenges, and governmental/regulatory issues.
  • Port Security Seminar (3 days): Take a closer look at securing America’s ports from the inside out including a special focus on supply chain security & cybersecurity.
  • Energy and Environment Seminar (3 days): The Energy & Environment seminar will encompass a broad range of environmental issues and energy policy discussions of vital concern to port managers and other senior port executives. The program will focus on both energy as a commodity/business line and a power source/cost-savings opportunity for ports.
  • Port Real Estate Workshop (1 day): In addition to handling cargo and passengers, many ports rely on income produced from leasing commercial, industrial and retail property in their portfolio of assets. This program will address the specialized concerns of port directors, port planners, property development and real estate managers, marketing managers, and business and trade development managers whose responsibilities include managing or marketing their port’s real estate portfolio.
  • Marine Terminal Management Training Program (5 days): If you are involved in marine terminal operations at ports, then don't miss this week-long intensive training course designed to give port professionals hands-on experience and the tools necessary to excel in the industry. From overviews of container handling systems to a day-long negotiation skills workshop, this seminar covers all the essentials.