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Certified Marine Investigator and Marine Investigation and Related Training programs and Conference in U.S. and Worldwide

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Established 1986 and headquartered in Russellville MO, International Association of Marine Investigators (IAMI) offers annual and regional conferences to further the training and knowledge of investigators working in the marine environment throughout the world. IAMI has issued more than 3000 memberships to investigators representing the public and private sectors in the United States and around the world.

Each year the Association, in conjunction with its annual meeting, sponsors a three day training seminar that is open to all members and to all interested law enforcement officers, insurance investigators, surveyors, and Coast Guard officials. These seminars normally cover the various aspects of marine theft and fraud, boating accidents, and very specific investigative techniques that will assist investigators in their investigations.

IAMI offers a variety of memberships to persons interested in the objectives of the Association such as Law Enforcement Membership, Non-Law Enforcement Membership, and Student Membership.

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Certification & Training Programs

CMI Certification Program

  • Certified Marine Investigator: This designation for IAMI Members will ensure that marine investigators are qualified in various aspects of marine terminology, forensic photography, investigation techniques, etc. This certification has a mandatory 5 year recertification. The designation(s) shall be limited to members in good standing who have experience and/or training in a wide range of areas including, but not limited to, the detection, prevention and investigation of boat and related thefts, adjusting boat related insurance claims, marine surveying, admiralty law as it relates to recreational boating, cause and origin of fires, marine insurance policy interpretation, accident reconstruction, matters related to hull construction and the operation and repair of motors, and the like.
  • Certified Marine Investigator I (CMI-I) Membership: CMI-I’s have experience and training in areas other than their area of expertise and will be able to - Assist in gathering of evidence, Take statements, Write reports, Provide testimony, and Otherwise assist the marine industry. The participants must have - high moral character, meet minimum education/experience (high school diploma, minimum of three years experience which is directly or indirectly to Marine Matters, Criminology/Law Enforcement, and Insurance), pass the uniform CMI-I examination (eligibility to sit for examination - Minimum of 250 credits through any combination of work experience, marine degree, vocational programs, or credits through SAMA, NAMS, CFE, CPCU etc.) , maintain required continuing professional  education, pay annual Association dues, and abide by IAMI Bylaws and the Code of Professional Ethics of IAMI.
  • Certified Marine Investigator II (CMI-II): This is an advanced certification program as part of future expansion which shall be designated as Certified Marine Investigator II (CMI-II).

IAMI Training Seminars (Conference & Other Locations)

  • Admiralty Law - Intentional Act of Barratry & other marine crimes
  • Bank and insurance fraud investigations
  • Changes in the Marine Insurance industry - Internet applications/Underwriting trends
  • Computer generated Fake Documents - theft /fraud
  • Container Theft & Insurance Fraud
  • Fire/arson investigations
  • HIN formats; raising, tracing, and lifting HIN's
  • Identification of Insurance Frauds & Schemes
  • Identification of Marine Crimes - using the Internet
  • Marine Fire & Arson Investigations
  • PWC/HIN/VIN Identification
  • State vessel registrations/new Coast Guard numbering regulations
  • Stolen Boat Investigations - trend & patterns & security concerns
  • Trailer serial numbers, outboard and inboard serial numbers, and vessel identification numbers
  • Updates on changes to Coast Guard regulations and policies
  • Updates on the status of NCIC 2000 and VIDS
  • Ethics and the claims process (not your usual unfair claims settlement presentation)
  • HIN 101
  • NICB - who they are and how they can help
  • FIRE! - cause and analysis of actual cases
  • USCG Investigations
  • Engine/outdrive/outboard motor identifiers
  • What IAMI Can Do For Me
  • Plus more