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U.S. Coast Guard Approved Captains Lincenses, Launch Tender, NASBLA Boating Safety & Other Marine Courses in Hyannis & Quincy, MA

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New England Maritime Inc has been on the cutting edge of maritime training since 1991 offering Captains License Courses, Boating Safety Courses, Launchtender Operator Classes and other licensing and skill building courses. The success of New England Maritime is a result of the knowledge and dedication of the instructors working with a fine-tuned curriculum based on years of experience.

A small student to instructor ratio allows the student to reach their full potential. New England Maritime courses are taught by USCG Licensed Masters who are USCG approved to teach the courses. New England Maritime is located Ocean Street in Hyannis, MA with a satellite location in Marina Bay, Quincy.

Since 1997, New England Maritime worked with the Coast Guard inspectors and a local ferry service to provide a Deckhand Orientation Program for new employees to meet Code of Federal Regulations requirements. They now offer the Deckhand Training with Drug and Alcohol Awareness to several companies.

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Training Programs

USCG Approved Captains Courses

  • OUPV Charterboat Captain (6 Pack): The charter boat captains license (six pack), properly known as Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV), allows you to operate an uninspected passenger vessel with up to six paying passengers.
  • OUPV Upgrade to Master 25/50/100 Ton License: The Masters license will have an Inland or Near Coastal designation based on the bodies of water where you have obtained your sea experience. Inland will allow you to operate inside the Boundary Line with paying passengers, and Near Coastal allows you to operate up to 200 miles from shore with paying passengers.
  • Master 25/50/100 Ton License: The Masters license allows you to operate an inspected passenger vessel having a Certificate of Inspection (COI) stating the number of passengers and area of operation. This would typically include small ferries, sightseeing vessels, head boats, and launches at yacht clubs.

USCG Approved Limited Master (Launch Tender) License

  • Limited Master (Launch Tender): The Limited Master license may be issued to applicants to be employed by a marina, yacht club, formal camp or educational institution allowing the licensed person to operate an inspected launch in a limited area.
  • Limited OUPV (Launch Tender): Uninspected launches carry 6 or less passengers and only require the OUPV Limited License.

Boating Safety Courses

  • Boating Safety: New England Maritime offers a NASBLA (National Association of State Boating Laws Administrators) Approved two-day Boating Safety Course. The course includes classroom instruction on the following topics: Rules of the Road, Aids to Navigation, Safe Boating Subjects, and State Regulations. Students successfully completing the course will receive a NASBLA Approved Boating Safety Certificate.

Other Courses and Tests

  • Proficiency In Survival Craft Restricted: This 2-day course is meets during the last two days of our Able Seaman course or as needed to meet the mariner’s needs.
  • CPR / First Aid Course: This USCG Approved one-day course encompasses adult one-person CPR and basic first aid practices and meets the requirements for an Original Application for a USCG License.

USCG Endorsements

FCC Testing

  • FCC Testing: Testing for FCC Licenses is offered during regular business hours by appointment.
  • MROL- Element One
  • GROL - Element One and Three
  • GMDSS Operator - Element One and Seven
  • GMDSS Maintainer - Element One, Three, and Nine
  • Ship Radar- Element Eight

USCG Study Materials

  • New England Maritime's Home Study Kit
  • Master / Mate / Operator Study Guide
  • Navigation Question and Answer Book
  • Subchapter C Reprint
  • Long Island Training Chart
  • Block Island Training Chart
  • Chesapeake Bay Training Chart
  • 3 Coastal Piloting Videos (approx. 2 hours each) Covering subject in your Coastal Piloting Textbook
  • 1 Rules of the Road Video (approx. 2 hours)

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