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Boat Repair Workshops (Glue U) for Yard Professionals, Composite Repair Specialists, Managers, Surveyors, Insurance Inspectors, and Dealers in Bay City, Michigan

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Established in 1969 and located in Bay City, Michigan, Gougeon Brothers, Inc. (GBI) manufactures WEST SYSTEM® Epoxy which have been used successfully in boat construction and repair for over 50 years. Developed by in-house chemists, the epoxy formulations are proprietary, structural and marine grade and set the standard for epoxy quality in the marine industry and beyond.

GBI provides various types of instructions in support of WEST SYSTEM Epoxy products. Whether you’re building a new boat, repairing an old boat, working with wood, fiberglass or other composites, doing home repairs or are in the repair profession, the instruction manuals, book, workshop and YouTube videos are available to meet your needs.

The User Manual, Fiberglass Boat Repair & Maintenance Manual, Wooden Boat Restoration & Repair Manual, and other user manuals are available for download and also few of them are available in print through the local WEST SYSTEM Epoxy dealers.

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Training Programs

Boat Repair Programs

  • Boat Repair Workshops (2 days): Our Fiberglass Boat Repair Workshop (Glue U) takes place each year in February. This session is geared for marine professionals such as yard professionals, composite repair specialists, managers, surveyors, insurance inspectors, and dealers. Anyone who works building and repairing composite hulls and parts and wants to use best practices for boat repair with epoxy.
  • The Boat Repair Workshop includes classroom-style instruction and plenty of hands-on epoxy projects. Attendees learn the best approaches to make long-lasting, cost-effective boat repairs with epoxy and will come away with a deeper understanding of modern composite technology.
  • Day One topics include Safety, Basic Techniques, Fastener Bonding, Composite Technology, Composite Repair, Fairing Application and Techniques, and Gelcoat Repairs Over Epoxy. Day Two delves into Gelcoat Blister Repairs, a tour of our testing and product development labs, Specialty Epoxies, Repairing Wood in Fiberglass Boats, and Methods for Removing Epoxy Bonded Fasteners.

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Gougeon Brothers Boat Construction Books

  • West System - 2 West System the Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction: used as a textbook in many boat building schools, the techniques described in the Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction have stood the test of time. Excellent for boat building students, boat builders, or boat buyers researching options. Provides a solid yet nuanced understanding of available materials, methods and construction choices. Check at:  https://amzn.to/2SqOTp3
  • Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction - Wood and West System Materials:. Extensive chapters on hardware bonding, construction methods, safety and tools are described with the aid of hundreds of detailed illustrations and photographs. Used as a textbook in boatbuilding schools. Check at: https://amzn.to/3vVYEtc

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Last Updated: June 25, 2021