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Supply Chain Management Education in Lincoln, New Zealand

lincoln university

Lincoln University is one of eight government universities in New Zealand, with a history stretching back more than a hundred and twenty five years. The University is less than twenty five minutes from Christchurch, the largest city in the South Island. It has an established campus noted for its space and the quality of the environment.

The University continues to achieve international recognition for its teaching and research activities. It is renowned for its entrepreneurship, relevance and as a catalyst for new and diverse approaches to stimulate the development and transfer of knowledge. The University fosters alliances with the users of research information both nationally and internationally and has established a number of significant alliances with other research organizations.

Lincoln University’s specialist programs attract students with a strong interest in science, the social sciences and/or commerce from throughout New Zealand and over 60 countries. The courses include certificates, diplomas, bachelors and postgraduate qualifications in agriculture and agribusiness, commerce, environmental management and planning, landscape architecture, sport and recreation management, science, software and information technology, tourism and viticulture and oenology.

lincoln university campus

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Program

  • Bachelor of Commerce with Supply Chain Management Major: The Bachelor of Commerce degree offers flexible and applied programs that prepare students for the realities of a modern business world and open up an attractive range of employment options. Graduates of the supply chain management major work in many fields across different industries but most commonly as: Air Force Logistics Supply Specialist; Freight Forwarder; and Packhouse Manager.
  • Entry Requirements: To qualify for admission to a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Lincoln University you will require one of the following: University Entrance through NCEA; Entrance qualifications obtained prior to NCEA; Completed a qualification in another country which is recognized as being equivalent to the New Zealand common entrance standard; Completed a recognized equivalent qualification in a New Zealand secondary school, the most common being International Baccalaureate (IB) or University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE); Special Admission; Discretionary Entrance; or Admission with Credit, if you've already completed tertiary study.

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