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Nautical Courses and Training by Maritime Training Otago at School of Surveying

university of otago

Founded in 1869, University of Otago, popularly known as Otago is New Zealand’s first university and today has more than 20,000 students including 100 international students and ranked 169th in the 2016/17 QS world university rankings. The university has More than 4500 postgraduate students including 1380 PhD students.

The University of Otago Surveying School is recognized internationally for the quality of its graduates and its staff research. The degree is formally accredited by the Chartered Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors in the United Kingdom. Graduates have reciprocal rights with the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute in Australia, and are recognised by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors in the United Kingdom.

Nautical Studies at School of Surveying will help you to gain a fundamental understanding of seamanship, and of how professional seafarers think about the problems they face. Students learn the basic principles of seamanship, and how to apply these principles in real situations.

Training Programs

Maritime Education and Training Programs

  • NAUT101 Nautical Studies 1 - 100 Level Paper: NAUT101 covers inshore seamanship, law and safety to the level required by the master of inshore fishing and charter vessels. Students undertake two one- day voyages and are expected to be able to manage the second voyage themselves as a team. Students will gain an understanding of, and develop a critical approach to, issues such as maritime law and regulations, in-shore navigation, and maritime communications. Practical issues such as health and safety at sea, and seamanship will also be covered.
  • NAUT201 Nautical Studies 2 - 200 Level Paper: NAUT201 builds on NAUT101 and presents offshore seamanship with an introduction to global weather, ship construction, deck safety, pilotage and voyage planning. This includes laboratory work onboard an inshore vessel. The perspective is that of scientific and technical staff on offshore vessels. Students will study seamanship, navigation, maritime safety and maritime law as they apply to the operations of offshore vessels. One 6-hour inshore voyage will be made to provide practical experience.Students will learn how to understand and exercise critical judgement on a range of issues of ocean-going seamanship, appreciate the principles underlying safe deck practices on ocean-going work-vessels and use published safety information available to the mariner.

These courses are suitable for Otago students who are working in a marine environment (Marine Science/Geology, Oceanography and Hydrographic Surveying) or for those who have an interest in seamanship.

LAST UPDATED ON Feb 11, 2017

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