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Boatbuilding & Restoration, Composites Technology & Marine Systems, and Digital Modeling & Fabrication Programs with Transfer of Credits towards College Degree in RI

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Founded 1995, IYRS School of Technology & Trades (International Yacht Restoration School) is an internationally recognized learning institution and vocational school, focused on preparing students to enter and excel in all aspects of modern boatbuilding.  IYRS has strong roster of industry partners and sponsors and active in major restoration projects. IYRS provides experiential education, preparing students to enter a global maker and manufacturing workforce. IYRS teaches the art and science of making, building, restoring and maintaining boats and Yachts. 

At IYRS, students are offered a singular opportunity to be immersed in an environment where creativity, teamwork, a first-rate faculty, and a culture of craftsmanship produce professionals who are ready to make a contribution – and a difference. In short, IYRS is where the marine industry looks for people who are qualified to shape the future. IYRS powers careers in the marine industry.

IYRS also has collaborated with post-secondary schools of architecture, preservation, industrial design and engineering through short-term classes, including projects with MIT, Harvard, RISD, Roger Williams, Salve Regina University and others. IYRS offers an attractive location to study in the heart of beautiful and historic Newport, RI, where IYRS’ three acre campus is situated overlooking Newport harbor. The campus location  provides access to boatyards, marinas, builders, and restoration specialists. International Yacht Restoration School (IYRS) is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSC).

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Training Programs

Boatbuilding & Restoration

  • Boatbuilding & Restoration Program (2 years): The Boatbuilding & Restoration curriculum is about mastering the fundamentals of wooden boatbuilding. The traditional plank-on-frame method - an essential technique proven to capture the timeless principles of yacht design and construction - is the core theme of the program. This approach creates a way of thinking; it is the equivalent of a strong liberal arts education where students learn critical thinking skills and put them into action and practice. This is why the IYRS approach produces graduates valued for their thinking, analytical skills, craft, and ability to produce superior outcomes in both modern and restoration yards. IYRS’ Boatbuilding & Restoration program combines the time-honored craft of wooden boatbuilding with the modern problem solving skills to succeed in today’s thriving job market.

Composites Technology

  • Composites Technology Program (6 months): The IYRS Composites Technology Program establishes a foundation of traditional composites training in processes, techniques, and technology. The program then takes students to the leading edge of advanced composites knowledge and skills. Students learn vacuum infusion processing, advanced composites molding, CAD/CAM operations, robotic CNC plug building, and composites restoration practices. They emerge from the program equipped with the knowledge and practical experience to make an immediate contribution to the marine industry and other areas where qualified composites professionals are in demand. Composite parts, products and structures are lighter, faster and stronger, and can be found across manufacturing industries such as aviation, aerospace, marine, medical, automotive, athletics and more.

Marine Systems

  • Marine Systems Program (6 months): IYRS’ Marine Systems program is an immersive learning experience with a curriculum guided by the needs of industry-leading companies. Covered over six-months are techniques and skills needed to maintain and repair all essential marine systems, as well as career planning, key certification exam preparation and real-world externship experience. American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) certification exam prep and National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) certification exam prep are offered as part of marine mechanic training.

Digital Modeling & Fabrication

  • Digital Modeling & Fabrication Program (9 months): Digital Modeling & Fabrication represents a unique & innovative approach to design education. An immersive 9-month curriculum exposes students to all critical elements of product & industrial design, from design thinking and prototyping to fabricating and machining. The curriculum enables students to develop their technical proficiency through hands-on training and access to industry-standard equipment and software. Combining design and skills-based training, students learn to function at the intersection of design & fabrication in an effort to identify and create the best possibly outcome

Degree Programs

  • Associate & Bachelor Degree Opportunities: For individuals who seek to bring together skills built through experiential learning and a comprehensive college education, IYRS has developed agreements with area colleges where credits earned at IYRS may transfer in towards programs at - Salve Regina University, Roger Williams University (RWU) & Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI).

LAST UPDATED ON May 18, 2018