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OPITO Approved OODTP Marine Rescue Training Program for Oil & Gas Marine Rescue Industry


Established in 1993 and located at Stonehaven Scotland, Terramar Limited is leading company worldwide for the training of offshore oil and gas related marine rescue. Terramar an OPITO approved training provider for the provision of the Ongoing Onboard Development & Training Program for ERRV Master & Crews as well as providing their system to other approved training providers.

Terramar also developed a new variation of their ongoing training system specifically for use on the Autonomous Rescue and Recovery Craft (ARRC) which was an integral part of BPs Jigsaw project which provided emergency response cover to offshore oil and gas installations covered under the Jigsaw arrangements.

The benefits of ongoing training are not restricted to the offshore marine rescue industry, they can be enjoyed by many forms of employment particularly where the competencies that require to be maintained are only to be demonstrated on an irregular basis.

Most emergency response training falls in to this category including first aid, fire fighting and offshore survival. In many cases all aspects of training can be addressed, however where specific equipment or environment is required that is not available in the workplace then ongoing training can be used to reduce the contact time on refresher courses.

The Online OODTP gives registered Companies, Vessels and Seamen online access to all of the OODTP documents/files and records relevant to their particular requirements. In addition Vessels can use the online facility to complete and forward exercise unit returns and order required documents/books.

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Training Programs

OPITO Approved OODTP Program

  • Ongoing, Onboard Development and Training Program (OODTP): Employed on over 100 rescue vessels the Ongoing, Onboard Development and Training Program (OODTP) ensures that all crew members can maintain their competencies in marine rescue, recovery and medical aid even though they are rarely called to put their skills and knowledge to the test in real emergencies.
  • The ongoing onboard development and training program will include information and directions to enable drills and exercises to be conducted. The purpose of these drills and exercises is to enhance the knowledge, skills and understanding of all crew members including the Master. The program makes provision for and can incorporate location specific emergency contingency training.
  • To be considered part of the OODTP, an individual must have successfully met all the performance criteria for their discipline at least twice during the preceding three years.
  • Continuous training and assessment required through Ongoing Onboard Development and Training Program for ERRV Masters and Crew Standard (OODTP). A formal assessment is made through the OODTP program at least every 3 years.