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Simulation, Product and Application, and Maintenance and Repair Courses & Programs in Aberdeen and Worldwide or Onsite

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Located in Aberdeen UK and around the world, the Dräger Academy provides training programs for the oil and Gas industry and has over 110 authorized trainers and more than 600 available topics. The academy conducts more than 2,400 training sessions per year. Established in 1889, Dräger is a leading international company headquartered in Lübeck, Germany in the fields of medical and safety technology.

Dräger has provided safety products, solutions and services to businesses across the world - no matter what their size or industry sector. With a wide portfolio of safety products, the range includes respiratory protection, drug and alcohol screening devices and bespoke engineered solutions, as well as personal protective equipment, service and training and both portable and fixed gas detection solutions.

Dräger Technology for Life ensures maximum efficiency and productivity of operations and helps you to minimize downtimes due to safety problems and secure properly managed safety processes. The broad portfolio ensures safe working conditions by warning and protecting workers and assets during standard plant operations.

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Training Programs

Simulation Courses

  • Leg Entry: ​Special operations demand special skills - the training gets workers ready for confined space entry operations in the legs of offshore platforms. It imparts the rules, safety precautions and rescue measures that apply in emergencies.
  • Confined Space Entry: ​The hands-on simulation-based training prepares workers for entry into confined spaces and containers -Participants acquire all knowledge required to perform CSE work safely and efficiently. Special attention is given to gas measurement, personal protective equipment, and emergency procedures.

Product and Application Training

  • Gas Detection Level 2 User and Calibration:  ​Gain the competency required to ensure that everything works - The training imparts comprehensive knowledge on the use and daily maintenance of portable gas detectors - from the correct settings to calibration. It focuses on the latest generation of Dräger devices.
  • Authorized Gas Tester Level 3: ​The training will deepen the knowledge of gas testers involved in providing safety watch duties by the ongoing monitoring of a hot work site. It covers all relevant information on flammable gases focusing on the principles and practice of gas testing during hot work.
  • Gas Detection Level 1 User: ​​Reliably identify and monitor hazardous substances in the atmosphere -the training provides a solid introduction to the correct use of portable gas detectors - from the functional test before deployment to using accessories. It focuses on the latest generation of Dräger devices.
  • Basic H2S Training: ​This H2S Training gives an overview about the emergency response competency requirements for personnel working in potential H2S environments. It covers the characteristics and the potential physiological effects of H2S exposure as well as the use of detection equipment and compressed air devices.
  • Emergency Escape Breathing Device User: Delegates learn how to rescue themselves safely in case of an emergency. Focus of the training are donning and wearing, but the training also covers doffing and storage, laws and regulations and basic know-how about hazardous gases and vapors.
  • Authorized Gas Tester Level 1: This two-day course is designed to equip the participants with comprehensive knowledge and the practical skills necessary for clearance measurements before confined space entry operations. It covers the characteristics of ox-, tox- and ex-hazards.
  • SCBA Basic User: The training enables personnel deployed in hazardous areas to work safely with a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) - the delegates learn how to carry out pre-wearers checks, donning and doffing as well as basic maintaining. Laws and regulations are also part of the course.​
  • H2S Plus Training: The intensive hands-on training imparts substantiated knowledge about one of the most dangerous substances. Participants will learn everything about Hydrogen Sulphide - from its properties and maximum allowable concentrations to measurement strategies, protective equipment and rescue measures.
  • Authorized Gas Tester Level 2: ​The main focus of this training is to monitor flammable substances. Participants learn how to safely conduct gas testing in preparation for hot works. Also part of the agenda is regulatory and organizational requirements as well as interpretation and documentation of the results.

Maintenance and Repair Courses

  • Gas Detection Level 3 Maintenance and Repair: The intensive training imparts expert knowledge: from basics in gas detection to operation and usage of portable gas detection devices through to calibration, and from adjustment through to the replacement of parts, participants learn all that is needed for reliable and safe maintenance tasks.​
  • Emergency Escape Breathing Device Maintenance: This course provides service employees with comprehensive knowledge on the maintenance and repair of Dräger Saver CF units.