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Offshore Crane Operator, Lifting Operations, and Hydraulics Training Programs in Aberdeen, Houma and Houston, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, and Macae

sparrows offshore group

With worldwide offices, Sparrows Offshore Group is a global provider of engineered products and services to the energy industry and supply engineered products and services to a variety of industry applications and delivers structured and bespoke solutions in the safety critical areas of lifting and mechanical handling, cable and pipe lay, and fluid power.

With over 1,650 employees worldwide and over 40 years’ experience working in the energy industry, Sparrows is the only company in the world to offer onshore coaching in a real offshore pedestal crane and a crane simulator.

The programs enable and ensure students reach Sparrows Group’s exacting and industry-leading standards. Training programs are accredited to ISO 9001, OPITO and NFPC in the UK and API RP2D in the US.

Sparrows Group offer the industry leading training at its worldwide training center locations in Aberdeen (UK), Houma and Houston (US), Abu Dhabi (UAE), Singapore, Luanda (Angola), and Macae (Brazil).

They have the capability to deliver bespoke and standard training at locations both onshore and offshore. All the centers have portable crane simulators that can be easily deployed to any location and have state of the art main frame simulators in Aberdeen and Houma.

sparrows offshore training

Training Programs

Offshore Crane Operator Training

To develop your people for their competence to carry out the safety critical role of offshore crane operator to Sparrows exacting and industry-leading standard.

Standard Offshore Crane Operator Courses - Worldwide

  • Offshore crane operator – stages 1, 2 and 3
  • Simulator assessments
  • Crane appreciation

Standard Offshore Crane Operator Courses - US Specific

  • API-U crane operations
  • Gin pole / auto-crane operator
  • Mobile crane operator and rigger
  • Offshore crane operator stage 3 assessment
  • Offshore knuckle boom crane operator and qualified rigger
  • Offshore pedestal crane operator and qualified rigger
  • Offshore Pedestal crane operator
  • Powered overhead crane operator

Lifting Operations Training

Developing competence and reducing risk with lift training courses.

Standard Lift Training Courses - Worldwide

  • LCP training
  • LOLER lift planning / risk assessment
  • OPITO banksman / slinger – stages 1, 3 and 4
  • OPITO LOLER competent person
  • OPITO rigger – stages 1, 3 and 4
  • Rigging loft management /lifting gear inspection
  • Wire rope inspection
  • Working at height

Standard Lift Training Courses - US Specific

  • Aerial platform operator
  • API-U qualified crane inspector
  • API-U rigger
  • DROPS prevention and awareness
  • Emergency load lowering
  • Man-riding hoist operator
  • Onshore rigger
  • Powered industrial truck (forklift)
  • Qualified crane inspector
  • Qualified offshore rigger (banksman / slinger) - advanced
  • Qualified offshore rigger (banksman / slinger)
  • Rigging gear inspector

Hydraulics Training Courses

BFPA Hydraulic Safety, Hose And Fittings: This course has a high level of practical content and is suitable for people whose role requires knowledge and understanding of safe hose assembly, manufacture and thread awareness. The course will include correct hose assembly procedures, coupling types and hose preparation. Practical demonstrations and assessment will be conducted on swaging techniques and testing in accordance to manufacturer's recommendations

Level 1 Foundation Hydraulics

  • Designed for people involved in the maintenance and operation of fluid power systems, this course covers:
  • Basic hydraulic principles
  • Hydraulic symbols and notation
  • Pressure, flow and direction control valves
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Hydraulic oils and contamination control
  • Introduction to accumulators
  • Introduction to proportional control
  • Basic electrical theory
  • Practical exercises
  • Health and safety

Level 2 Intermediate Hydraulics

Designed for people with a level 1 qualification and in a plant manager, engineer, technician or craftsman role which invovles the maintenance and management of fluid power systems, this course includes:

  • Pumps and associated control systems
  • Relief and unloader valves
  • Installation and commissioning procedures
  • Causes of pump failures
  • Health and performance monitoring
  • Control valves - pressure, flow and direction
  • Valve sizing and performance
  • Logic cartridge elements
  • Proportional control
  • Load holding and motion control
  • Priority flow control and rotary flow dividers
  • Hydraulic motor performance
  • Fixed and variable displacement controls
  • Logical troubleshooting techniques
  • Practical hydraulics
  • Health and safety linked to risk assessment