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Naval Engineering Certificate Program and Other Professional Development & Continuing Education programs in the United States and Online

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Founded in 1888 and headquarters in Alexandria Virginia, American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) is the leading professional engineering society for engineers, scientists and allied professionals who conceive, design, develop, test, construct, outfit, operate and maintain complex naval and maritime ships, submarines and aircraft and their associated systems and subsystems. ASNE's membership consists of military and civilian engineering professionals, defense industry engineers, academics, and engineering students.

ASNE also provides wide range of educational opportunities includes several continuing education courses offered in various locations around the country and online. The Society's annual meeting (ASNE Day) features major addresses by high level industry and government leaders and panel discussions and technical papers presentation by leading members of the profession.

ASNE offers numerous symposia throughout the year covering topics as diverse as combat systems, launch and recovery, fleet maintenance and modernization, corrosion mitigation, etc. ASNE offers Professional Development Credits (PDH) and Continuous Learning Points (CLP) for attending symposia and conferences.

Professional Development Programs

Naval Engineering Certificate

  • The Naval Engineering Certificate is designed to provide a people with en engineering degree the fundamental skills necessary to contribute to naval-specific engineering challenges. The intended audience is engineers with degree in mechanical, aerospace, civil, or other related fields who work directly, or indirectly for the Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, or defense contractor.
  • Any individual wishing to pursue the Naval Engineering Certificate must hold an engineering degree from an ABET-accredited undergraduate program and to sit for the final Naval Engineering Certificate assessment, learners may satisfy the intended learning outcomes which must be satisfied within 5 years prior to applying to sit for the final assessment, and ASNE courses and symposia. A final assessment will be offered annually.

Past Professional Development Courses

  • An Introduction to Combat System Engineering (8 hrs)
  • Electrical Power Basics (4 hrs)
  • Foundations of Cyber Security (4 hrs)
  • International Naval Design Standards (4 hrs)
  • Intro to Autonomous Systems (4 hrs)
  • Intro to Commonality Short Course (4 hrs)
  • Intro to Power Electronics (4 hrs)
  • Marine Systems I Short Course (4 hrs)
  • Maintained Systems Short Course (4 hrs)
  • Ship Seakeeping and Small Boat Dynamics during Launch & Recovery