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USCG Captains Courses, Vessel Operator Training Programs & NASBLA Boat Courses in Woodbridge VA

marine emergency response group

Located at Woodbridge VA, Marine Emergency Response Group (MERG) offers several programs including Maritime Consulting, Crewmember Training, Operator Training and USCG License Courses. All of the instructors are licensed USCG Captains and the staff have over 100 years of combined maritime service in a variety tasks from operating fireboats to towboats, from marine salvage to new equipment installations, and from marina operations to fire ground operations.

The Marine Emergency Response Group, LLC, (MERG) was founded by U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captains; each providing years of diversified experience in maritime, and fire and rescue operations. MERG has taken this as a challenge and is working closely with the USCG, DHS, NASBLA and other agencies to develop training courses to broaden the horizons of the firefighters, police officers and marine patrols to create a safer environment when emergencies necessitate the actions of these agencies.

MERG is an approved instructional company for the USCG courses. MERG also teaches general to advanced handling techniques for vessels equipped with jets or props, single or multiple engines.

merg training

Training Programs

USCG Certified Training Courses

Vessel Operator Training

  • Jet &Prop Propulsion Vessels: MERG will teach general to advanced handling techniques for vessels equipped with jets or props, single or multiple engines. Operator training involves hands-on operations of your vessel, while underway, through a series of evolutions involving, but not limited to, docking, close-quarter handling, high-speed operations, and a variety of other techniques used in routine and emergencies.
  • Marine Jet Operational Training: MERG instructors have received recommendations from Hamilton Jet, LLC, and Ultra Dynamics Inc. to instruct marine jet propulsion operations. MERG is also authorized and certified by Hamilton Jet and Ultra Dynamics to provide service and parts for their products.

Other Programs

  • NASBLA Boat Program: MERG instructors are approved to teach the Boat Crew Member Course, Boat Operator Search and Rescue (BOSAR) Course and Fire Boat Small Course within the NASBLA Boat Program.

LAST UPDATED ON Jan 11, 2022