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WA Skippers Ticket (RST), Coxswain Courses, Radio License and Boat Handling Training in Perth

perth boat school

Located at Munster, Perth - Western Australia, Perth Boat School is a marine training provider offering personalized and professional training services. Perth Boat School has the requisite marine training experience and is a Registered Training Organization (RTO).

Perth Boat School conducts courses and practical training for Skippers Tickets and Commercial Boat qualifications. The school also provides Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) prescribed domestic qulaifications for the seafarers.

Perth Boat School also conducts IYT courses in Perth for those who seek an international license. The practical training locations include: Coogee / Woodman Point, Maylands and Bayswater, Hillarys Boat Harbour, Mandurah, North Yunderup and more. 

perth boat school training

Training Programs

Perth Skippers Ticket

  • Recreational Skipper’s Ticket (RST): The Recreational Skipper’s Ticket (RST) is a qualification based on a set of competencies that have been adopted by all government marine safety authorities in Australia to contribute to and to promote safe use of waterways; and awareness of boating safety. The assessment of these competencies is in two sections -theory and practical. Depending on your prior qualifications, you may be exempt from the assessment.

Coxswain Courses

  • Exemption 38: Exemption 38 will allow you to perform a range of low complexity duties during daylight hours. You study Theory by Correspondence, then finalize it with 1 day face to face with a trainer. The final day is Theory exams and doing the Practical (training and assessment).
  • Coxswain Grade 2: This is a Correspondence Course to cover the Theory and some of the practical (ropes, knots, splicing, and whipping). There are 8 units in this course. The holder of this certificate can command and operate engines of a vessel less than 12 m long that is not carrying passengers and takes about 3 weeks to complete.
  • Coxswain Grade 1 (Full Coxswain): This course is done via correspondence and on your work site, utilizing your equipment and on your vessel. This course covers 12 units and takes about 4 weeks to complete.

Marine Radio Courses

  • LROCP Marine Radio Licence: A LROCP Marine Radio Licence includes the VHF licence and is a requirement for a Coxswain and other Commercial boat skippers.
  • SROCP VHF Radio Licence: Passing a multiple choice exam will allow you this license which can be done online.

Boat Handling Courses

  • New Boat Owners Course (Boat Handling - under 8m): These courses include RST and also teach people how to launch and retrieve their vessel (pen or trailer) as well as how to park and tie up at a jetty and so forth.
  • Big Boat Handling (8m and upwards): This course is a Superyacht Course which isn’t just for Superyachts, but suits all larger vessel owners and skippers.
  • Advanced Boat Handling: Advanced courses include boat handling, anchoring, berthing, beaching and familiarization trips.


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