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Skippers Ticket, Boat Handling and Familiarization, and Marine Radio Exams in Perth, Australia

seasafe boat school

With over 35 years of experience and located at Maylands Marina on the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia, Sea Safe Boat School provides marine training for recreational boaters. Working on the Arctic Circle for several years; the school offers real life skills like man overboard, vessel maneuvering and crew safety with professional trainers.

All the vessels are kept in top condition and are purpose built and easy to maneuver. Sea Safe Boat School is committed to teaching you to a standard that will make sure you and your friends and family enjoy safe boating by passing on multiple skills that have been gained over many years sea experience and many sea miles.

seasafe boat school training

Training Programs

Skippers Ticket (RST)

  • Silver Course: This is the most popular course for the beginner. Course includes Trip planning, Radio procedures & logging on, berthing alongside jetty, boat handling, Skipper & crew responsibilities, Controlled stopping, Fuel and cooling systems, Rules & Regulations & use of safety equipment. Use of custom built vessel is included.
  • Gold Course: The course will give you a pre- assessment lesson on all Driving & Handling of the boat to ensure that you gain valuable experience before you enter your assessment with total confidence. Includes Silver course inclusions, certification and practice driving skills circuit.

Boat Handling

  • Boat Handling Course: The boat handling course can be tailored to your specific needs i.e. a new boat has just been purchased and the owner wants a trainer to splice ropes, rig fenders, locate safety equipment & be shown how to anchor and berth etc. You can also complete your Skippers ticket at the same time in your new vessel.

Marine Radio Exams

  •  Long Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency (LROCP): This is a full marine license which includes VHF and radio. 50 multiple choice questions pass mark 70% 35 correct.
  • Short Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency (SROCP):  This is the most common operator gets just a VHF license and is easier. 25 Questions pass mark 70% or 18 corect.
  • Both licenses can be conducted at a boat ramp or you can meet one of the invigilators at a common meeting place. The quiz usually takes about 20 minutes.

LAST UPDATED ON Sep 17, 2018