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University of California Irvine (UCI) - Transportation & Supply Chain Programs

Transportation Science & Engineering Education at the Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS) and Supply Chain Management Executive Program at UCI

university of california irvineThe Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS), a University of California organized research unit with branches at Irvine, Davis, and Berkeley, was established to foster research, education, and training in the field of transportation. A fundamental goal of the Institute is the stimulation of interdisciplinary research on contemporary transportation issues. ITS research at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) involves faculty and students from The Henry Samueli School of Engineering, the School of Social Sciences, the School of Social Ecology, the Paul Merage School of Business, the School of Law, and the Bren School of Information and Computer Science.

The Institute also hosts visiting scholars from the U.S. and abroad to facilitate cooperative research and information exchange, and sponsors conferences and colloquia to disseminate research results. ITS is also part of the University of California Transportation Center (UCTC), one of ten federally designated centers for transportation research and education, and a member of the Council of University Transportation Centers, (CUTC).

UCI Division of Continuing Education offers over 60 convenient certificates and specialized studies programs on campus and online designed for the working professional who seeks career advancement and personal enrichment. So if you are trying to start a new career, build a company, or better develop an appreciation of the world around you, UCI Division of Continuing Education has the resources needed to support your undertakings.

In the U.S. News & World Report annual college survey, UC Irvine is ranked among the top 50 universities nationally, and ranks tenth among all public universities

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Academic Programs

Graduate Transportation Programs

  • MS and PhD in Transportation Science: The University of California, Irvine (UCI) has evolved a unique interdisciplinary program in Transportation Science, making UCI the natural selection for graduate studies at the frontiers of the field. While most transportation programs focus on a single discipline, UCI's program, which leads to the M.S. or Ph.D., is administered by faculty from the Departments of Economics, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Urban & Regional Planning, as well as from the Department of Information and Computer Science and the Graduate School of Management.
  • MS and PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering (Transportation Systems Engineering): Among leading centers for transportation research, the UCI Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers a graduate program which is distinguished by its interdisciplinary approach to the study of contemporary urban transportation issues, and by its unique relationship with the UC Irvine Institute of Transportation Studies.Our program focuses on the planning, design, operation, and management of modern transportation and logistics systems.Emphasis is on the development of fundamental skills and knowledge in engineering, systems analysis, modeling, and planning, combined with advanced computational techniques, to address transportation problems affecting urban travel and goods movement.
  • PhD in Economics (Concentration in Transportation Economics): The program of study and research in Transportation Economics leads to a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Economics with a Concentration in Transportation Economics. This program is an option within the regular Ph.D. program offered by the Department of Economics, allowing students to substitute some additional transportation-related courses for a portion of their requirements in advanced micro- and macro-economic theory. Students also take advantage of Irvine's unusually large and strong concentration of faculty in transportation economics within the economics department.

UCI Continuing Education Programs

  • Certificate in Supply Chain Management: This program is designed for individuals in service and manufacturing companies seeking to improve the effectiveness of their supply chain. Students will gain in-depth knowledge of the new work processes necessary to acquire goods and services; ways to impact the company's bottom line through lower costs and lower prices; ways to partner for streamlining the acquisition of goods and services process; and new skills necessary in the areas of communication, business planning and global acquisition. Successful completion of this program will enable participants to achieve competitive advantage in the growing field of supply chain management.

ITS UCI Financial Assistance

  • Several types of financial assistance are available to graduate students at UCI. These include fellowships, teaching and research assistantships, tuition fellowships for non-resident students, grants-in-aid, student loans, and work-study.
  • Graduate students in transportation are eligible for Regents', UCI Chancellor's Fellowships, and Chancellor's Opportunity Fellowships that are awarded each year to especially promising students entering the PhD program. In addition to these campus awards, graduate students in transportation who are either U.S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible for University of California Transportation Center (UCTC) Fellowships.
  • Awards may include a stipend, all required student fees, and, if applicable, Non-resident Tuition. Other fellowships are offered, including tuition awards for outstanding applicants who are not residents of California. In many cases, fellowship stipends may be supplemented by partial assistantship appointments.