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Degree, Supervisor and Technician Programs in Logistics & Transportation at Stockton

san joaquin delta collegeEstablished in 1965, San Joaquin Delta College is a public, two-year community college that awards credit which may be transferred to four-year colleges and universities. The College offers the Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees, career and technical curriculum, and Certificates of Achievement through courses offered at the Stockton campus, the South Campus at Mountain House, online, and at other locations throughout the district.

Whether your goal is training for a job, retraining for a better or higher-paid job, a degree from Delta College or from a four-year college or university, or personal enrichment, Delta College can help you reach your goals in life. You may want to enroll in a one-unit class or a full-time degree program, available both day and evening.

The faculty, staff, and students of San Joaquin Delta College envision a community of learners who pursue and achieve ever higher educational goals, commit themselves passionately to life-long learning, and fully appreciate the diverse and dynamic world around them.

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Academic Programs

Undergraduate Degree Program

  • AS Degree in Logistics and Transportation: The degree in Logistics and Transportation is designed to develop a strong base of knowledge and skills that will serve as a foundation for the pursuit of a career in fields such as; Supervisor of Transportation and Material-Moving Machines and Vehicle Operators, Cargo and Freight Agents, Emergency Services Dispatcher, Logistics Hub Supervisor, Transportation Safety Administration.

Certificate Programs

  • Logistics and Transportation Supervisor (Certificate of Achievement): Upon successful completion of the Logistics and Transportation Supervisor Certificate program, the student demonstrates the skills, knowledge, and training for positions such as traffic coordinator, dispatcher, freight billing clerk, warehouse control clerk, shipping supervisor, telemarketing and freight salesperson; including training in specialized areas of the transportation and distribution industries including the modes, means, regulations, documentation, and rates of the relevant transportation system, transportation of hazardous materials; physical distribution and warehousing; and details relevant to importing and exporting of goods.
  • Traffic Shipping and Receiving Technician (Certificate of Achievement): Upon successful completion of the Traffic Shipping & Receiving Technician Certificate, the student demonstrates skills, knowledge, and training for entry-level positions preparing and sending (shipping) and taking in (receiving) merchandise sent between companies. The student demonstrates skills to ensure that the right merchandise is being sent and in acceptable condition, prepare bills of lading and related paperwork for commercial and other shipments, figure freight or postal rates and record costs and weights of each shipment. The student demonstrates his or her ability to write and keep records and reports on warehouse activities, wrap and address the goods to be shipped, inspect trucks and vans to make sure they're clean, and route incoming items coming in to a plant, warehouse, or department.