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Export and Import Workshops in Torrance & USCG Approved Maritime Industry Training in Hawthorne at El Camino College, California

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Founded in 1947 and located at Torrance CA, El Camino College is situated on a beautiful and spacious 126-acre campus near Torrance, California. The college enrolls more than 25,000 students each semester and boasts a curriculum of over 850 highly regarded academic and career programs taught by exceptional faculty. El Camino College offers quality, comprehensive educational programs and services to ensure the educational success of students from the diverse community.

Established in 2008 the International Trade Compliance Institute (ITCI) by El Camino College Center for International Trade Development (CITD) which promotes the state’s international trade and competitiveness, assist exporters and importers, and advance economic and job growth.  ITCI collaborates with other training providers like Port of Los Angeles (POLA) to cover a wide range of export-import topics, typically in 3-4 hour workshops/seminars.

Located at Hawthorne CA, the Business Training Center (BTC), which is a part of the El Camino College Community Advancement Department, is the economic development arm of the college. Located off campus in the City of Hawthorne, the BTC provides a variety of services to help businesses and individuals. El Camino College also offers the US Coast Guard approved courses that will give maritime personnel all the training components necessary for STCW certification.

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Training Programs

International Trade Compliance Institute (ITCI) Workshops

  • 101 Introductory Workshops: The workshops cover the basics of exporting in free, half-day sessions, including benefits, costs, and risks of exporting, how to assess export readiness and potential, and what's involved and how and where to get help with start-up, market research, promotion, matchmaking, trade finance, and transport and logistics.
  • 201-301 Intermediate Workshops: The workshops cover 8-10 specific topics in individual 3-4 hours sessions, including: Is Exporting for Me, Getting Ready; Finding & Entering Best Export Markets; International Business Culture; Internet Export Marketing; Identifying & Managing International Distributors;  Financing & Insuring Export Goods; Legal Do’s & Don’ts for Exporters; Export Logistics & Documentation; Market Research for Export Success; and Business Planning for Export Success.

STCW Maritime Industry Training

  • Basic Training (40 hours): Includes - Personal Safety & Social Responsibility, Basic Fire Fighting, Elementary First Aid, and Personal Survival.
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft (Lifeboatman) (32 hours): The purpose of this course is to train personnel in the proper actions involved in taking command of, launching, and handling of a survival craft during an emergency evacuation/abandonment.
  • Advanced Fire Fighting (36 hours): This course is an advanced Marine Fire Fighting course designed to meet STCW Regulation VI/3 Advanced Fire Fighting.
  • Tankerman Barge PIC (40 hours): This course covers procedures and guidelines of cargo/product transfer and discharge operations including loading and discharging, safety procedures, quantities, qualities and temperatures, arrival, departure inspections, mooring lines, fuel topping off procedures.
  • Vessel Security Officer (16 hours): Designed to prepare Mariners to serv as a certified Vessel Security Officer, this training course provides the necessary knowledge and skills required for designation as a Vessel Security Officer.
  • Basic Training Refresher (24 hours)
  • Revalidation for PST & Basic Fire Fighting (8 hours)
  • VPDSD Course (8 hours)