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Master Marine Surveyor (MMS) Certification and Courses for Recreational and Commercial Boating Industry

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Founded in 1987 and located at Fort Myers Florida, Navtech US Surveyors Association (Navtech USSA) is one of oldest marine surveyor training organization in the United States and all training is based on US Coast Guard inspection standards. US Surveyors Association was founded alongside the flagship correspondence training to give surveyors with both new and veteran experience an alternate membership and professional standards organization.

Both the school and organization adhere to a Code of Ethics and a vetting process that requires both experience and knowledge, proven by exam completion and resume documentation. Navtech USSA has added online training and this study exam is an addition to the globally recognized correspondence courses and can be used as a stand-alone training or a supplement to course materials.

Marine surveyors use many credentials such as Accredited, Certified and Qualified. No one organization is in charge of Marine Surveyors and the US Coast Guard does not approve or certify marine surveyors. There is no national license and Navtech courses are recognized methods of entering the business. They are all inclusive with exams.

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Certification & Training Programs

Master Marine Surveyor MMS Programs

  • Recreational and Small Commercial/US Surveyors Membership: This course is for the boating professional, seasoned boating enthusiast, hobbyist or person/mariner with strong boating familiarity and knowledge. Course topics include - How to Survey, Checklists, Forms, Filled in Forms, Guidelines, Inspected Vessels, Sail, Power, Charter, Race, Houseboat, Trailers, Fishing, Business Advice, USCG NVICS for Wood, Fiberglass, Steel, Safety, Passenger Vessel, Submersible, Underwater Hull Inspection, and more.

Master Marine Surveyor-Accident and Fraud Investigation MMSAI

  • Accident and Fraud Investigation Course: The Navtech Accident and Fraud Investigation Course informs the professional investigator - Insurance Fraud Indicators, Hull Rubbings, Theft and Piracy Reports, Homeland Security Checklists, Admiralty Investigation, Fire and Damage, Control Inspection  Reporting Maritime Safety Requirements, Sample Forms, and Filled in Reports.
  • Legal Advice for the Marine Surveyor Course: Topics include - Piracy and boat thefts, Deliberate Scuttling, Salvage and Damage Appraising, Recovery Replacement and Appraising, and Court Expert Witness and Litigation Secrets.

Other Programs

  • Foundations of Vessel Marine Surveying (Free Course): Topics include - What Marine Surveyors Really Do; Boat Buyers Surveyor Guide; Haul Out Guide: You and Your Surveyor; Adjustor or Surveyor and Examination.
  • Marine Surveyors Library Package: All courses/exams and published reprints and all certifications including membership mentioned above.
  • Marine Surveyor Startup Guide and Forms Toolkit: One volume guide providing the most requested information in starting your business. This consists of 500 pages of the most necessary information to begin marine surveying. Not a course and there is no exam.
  • Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety USCG Title 46 CFR Examiner
  • Navtech Marine Surveyors Online Open Study Certification (Fast Track)