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International Maritime Law Education with Specializations in Shipping, Marine Environment, Law of Sea & Research at IMLI, Malta

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Established in 1988, The IMO International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI) is under the auspices of the International Maritime Organization. The Institute offers academic course designed to cover the international maritime law including, shipping, marine environment, admiralty and more. The institute also contributes on research and development and dissemination of knowledge and expertise in international maritime law.

IMLI is a world recognized center for the training of law graduates in international maritime law. Special emphasis is given to international regulations adopted by the International Maritime Organization. IMLI offers three programs; LL.M., Ph.D. and Advanced Diploma with specializations and also number of short, modular programs and courses.

Training at the Institute concentrates on areas such as development of expertise and advise; development of legislative drafting skills; and, preparation of lawyers to participate and contribute in the deliberations of the international maritime forums. The Institute is currently headquartered in Malta, on the campus of the University of Malta at the harbor town of Msida.

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Academic Programs

Postgraduate Program

  • Master of Laws (LL.M) (1 year): IMLI offers a specialized post-graduate course leading to the degree of Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Maritime Law. The program consists of post-graduate education in all areas of international maritime law, including law of the sea, marine environmental law and shipping law. The main purpose of the program is to train legal advisers in relevant areas of international maritime law, including the law of the sea, marine environmental law and shipping law. The duration of the program is one academic year, beginning in mid-September and ending in May of the following year. The program is intensive and features taught courses, research work and a number of field trips. Particular emphasis is placed on the acquisition by students of legislative drafting skills.

Research Programs

  • Magister Juris (M.Jur) in International Maritime Law (1 year): Studies for the M.Jur degree are to extend over a period of one academic year after enrolment in the program. Candidates for the M.Jur must engage in resident research at the Institute for a time to be determined in each case prior to enrolment, and must attend such IMLI courses as may be required by the Director following consultation with the candidate’s Supervisor.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in International Maritime Law (4 years): Studies for the Ph.D. Degree shall extend over a period of not less than two or more than four academic years after enrolment as a candidate for that Degree. During this period the candidate shall engage in resident research at the Institute for a time or times to be determined in each case prior to enrolment. Students are required to register with the Institute at the beginning of each academic year throughout the program.

Diploma and Short Courses

  • Advanced Diploma in International Maritime Law: This Program is designed to benefit professionals involved in maritime practice both in the private and in the public sector (including at the most senior levels) who, because of their careers, are unable to be away from their jobs for a longer period of time. The Program requirements for the award of the Advanced Diploma in International Maritime Law must be fulfilled within a minimum period of 1 academic year and a maximum period of 5 academic years.
  • Short Courses: Teaching at IMLI on the LL.M. Program is based on the modular system. It is therefore possible for a small number of applicants to attend these modules as self – contained courses. Applicants are advised that they should be prepared to be flexible with respect to the timing of such courses as this will be determined by the requirements of the more general LL.M. Program.

IMLI Admissions

  • LL.M: A degree in law with a high standing from a recognized university; and proficiency in the English language (IELTS / Cambridge Certificate or TOEFL).
  • Research Programs: The Institute shall consider an application for the M.Jur program from a candidate who possesses either the first degree in law, or a Master’s degree from a recognized university, or other academic institutions, provided that in the case of a Master’s degree other than in law the candidate has demonstrated the capacity to undertake legal research. An applicant for the Ph.D Program shall have been awarded or listed for the award of the M.Jur Degree with a recommendation from the M.Jur Examiners that the candidate be enrolled in the Ph.D Program.
  • Advanced Diploma: The Institute will consider applications for the Advanced Diploma in International Maritime Law from candidates who possess a degree from a recognized University or other academic institution, or qualifications of comparable standard including relevant professional and/or practical experience recognized for this purpose by the Institute.

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