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Marina Operations and Management Training / Certification Programs & Online Training Courses

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Founded in 1986, the International Marina Institute (IMI) was created to promote professional education, training, and certification in the marina industry. In its 25 year history, IMI has successfully created and delivered many professional marina management programs and certifications. 

Through its educational seminars and classes, IMI prepares the industry to meet the complex technical and topical challenges of the sector.  The curricula of these courses have been tweaked over the years to stay current with the changing times,  but they continue to be the training standard by which marina management courses are delivered globally.

The IMI is managed by Association of Marina Industries (AMI) which is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated exclusively to the marina industry. Today, AMI is responsible for the the internationally acclaimed Certified Marina Manager (CMM) program and small topic-specific conferences, plus the annual International Marina & Boatyard Conference (IMBC). AMI was formed when the Marina Operators Association of America (MOAA) and the International Marina Institute (IMI) merged in 2005.


Training & Certification Programs

IMI Core Training Programs

  • Advanced Marina Management (AMM): The Advanced Marina Management (AMM) program is a profit-management training course designed for senior marina professionals and the last training step required for successful applicationof the Certified Marina Managers (CMM) certification. Through small groups, interactive workshops, and specific case studies, the AMM course examines such topics as profit-center management, regulations and permitting, operations, marina law, human-resource management, risk management and loss control, improving the quality and value of services, policy and procedure manuals, business strategy and financial management, and marketing, promotion, and pricing.
  • Intermediate Marina Management (IMM): The Intermediate Marina Management program (IMM), IMIs most popular program, focuses on marina operations, policies, and procedures. Marina-management pros offer their expert thinking about business issues and challenges throughout the industry. Topics include: marine-law contracts, risk and liabilities, fire- and emergency-response planning, environmental management, health and safety compliance, and personal self-improvement skills. The IMM program is the first step toward becoming a Certified Marina Manager (CMM) and the second step to obtaining the Certified Marina Operator (CMO) and is a prerequisite for admission to the Advanced Marina Management course.
  • Marina Operators Course (MOC): This program is specifically designed for those who manage the daily operations of the marina but are not the full-charge facility manager (i.e., manager of marina operations, harbormaster, dockmaster, etc) or owners/operators of a small marina with at least 50 slips (wet and dry combined). The school’s content has been carefully crafted to focus on technical and operational topics such as managing teams, fueling and fueling systems, electrical systems, risk-management and customer service.

Professional Certifications

  • Certified Marina Manager (CMM): CMMs are marina professionals who have completed an extensive training and certification process through International Marina Institute (IMI) and embrace the continuance of education and training for themselves and those who work within the marina industry. The CMM deisgnation provides a doorway to greater earnings potential and professional recognition. CMMs complete rigorous education and training developed by the national and international marina industry and must meet specific experience requirements.Graduation from IMIs Intermediate Marina Managers and the Advanced Marina Managers programs are prerequisite training courses for this certification.
  • Certified Marina Operator (CMO): This certification is specifically designed for those who manage the daily operations of the marina but are not the full-charge facility manager (i.e. manager of marina operations, harbormaster, dockmaster, etc) or owners/operators of a small marina with at least 50 slips (wet and dry combined) OR at least 0,000 in gross revenues. Graduation from IMI's Intermediate Marina Managers (IMM) program and the Marina Operators Course (MOC) prerequisite training courses for this certification.

Other IMI Programs

  • Marina 101 (Walk the Docks - First Impressions) (4 hours): This four-hour marina industry introduction course is geared towards those individuals, with little or no marina experience, looking to get into the industry by way of a career shift or an interest in purchasing or developing a marina.
  • Southeast Florida Marina and Boatyard Study Tour (2 days): IMI’s Southeast Florida Marina and Boatyard Study Tour is a two-day mobile training course that takes participants on exclusive tours of marinas to provide an in-depth look at the operations of different types of facilities in South Florida.
  • Regional Roundtable Meetings: Regional industry meetings have proven to be an ideal format for valuable and relevant discussions resulting in problem solving, new partnerships, and often creative resolutions to shared regional challenges.
  • Custom Corporate or Marine Trade Association Training: All of IMI’s training programs can be customized to suit a particular group of individuals looking to obtain training and certification. IMI will work with the group to create a course, from budget to end delivery and facilitation of the program.

MMYC Online Training

  • Marina Safety Awareness Training Course: MYMIC Training Technologies developed the Marina Safety Awareness Training course with the goal of reducing accidents and injuries among marina personnel. This game-based course lets trainees interact with a virtual marina, where they identify and learn about the potentially hazardous areas of a marina. It is part of MYMIC Training Technologies new learning management system (LMS) or online classroom that lets a marina’s employees train from anywhere, at any time.

IMI Online Classes

  • Environmental Compliance
  • What’s New with OSHA
  • Best Profit Ideas
  • Thinking about Fuel?
  • Abandoned Boats and Your Rights
  • Harboring Boats with Federal Liens
  • Overcoming Permitting Challenges
  • Creative Ideas to Increase Your Occupancy

Online Training & Webinars

  • Electrical Webinar Series
  • Building Blocks for Management Excellence
  • IMI's Safety University Webinar Series
  • AMI & Boat US - Recorded, 3-part webinar series: Lessons Learned From Hurricane Sandy
  • Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery Webinars- 3-part series

Last update: Nov 4, 2019