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Logistics Management, International Trade and Finance, and Yacht Design Education and Training in Ankara, Turkey

izmir university

Founded in 1999, İzmir University of Economics (IUE) is a higher education institution that aims to nurture individuals who are creative, dedicated and wholly committed to Atatürk’s principles and reforms. It was established by İzmir Chamber of Commerce Education and Health Foundation. The Izmir University of Economics is the first foundation university in Izmir and the Aegean. İzmir University of Economics has ERASMUS program agreement with 78 universities abroad and it has academic cooperation protocol with 27 universities.

There are 6 Faculties, 3 Schools, 2 Graduate Schools, 8 Application and Research Centers at the university. 27 different undergraduate educations, 18 different master’s education, associate degree education in 5 different programs and 3 different doctoral educations are being executed in these academic units. Six of the undergraduate educations are double diploma programs executed jointly with the USA-(SUNY) New York State University. Associate Degree Programs are offered collectively with SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) in accordance with The European Qualifications Framework.

The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences offers a variety of different programs through its five active departments and Dual Diploma Program: Department of Economics, Department of International Relations and European Union, Department of Business Administration, Department of International Finance and Trade, Department of Logistics Management.

izmir university campus

Academic Programs

Associate Degree Programs

  • AA Degree in Global Trade and Business (2 years): The developments in world economics and information technologies have given rise to the need to develop specialized interdisciplinary education programs. Global Trade and Business Program is a flexible, international-oriented program which uses business administration and economics disciplines as base, but which also includes special subjects required by international trade to ensure efficiency in all sectors.
  • AA Degree in Supply Chain Management (2 years): Efficient Integrated supply chains (logistics) have begun to play an increasingly important role in achieving business aims. This program teaches the latest techniques and developments to the students intending to work in the supply chain management area. This program covers topics such as supply chain strategy and positioning, services that provide added value, ordering management, bonded warehousing, material handling and packaging.

Bachelor Degree Programs

  • BA in International Trade and Finance (4 years): The objective of the International Trade and Finance Program is to provide advanced education to competent and professional individuals who can be employed in international trade and finance areas, mainly in private sector institutions, and related public institutions.
  • BSc in Logistics Management (4 years): The courses in the Logistics department include basic business administration, management and economics fields together with quantitative and verbal courses needed for logistics management. The students have to fulfill a four-week compulsory internship in logistics companies before their graduation. Thus, the students enabled to see how the theoretical knowledge gained throughout the program can be applied in business life. The medium of instruction in the department is English and the students are to take a second foreign language course that is among the compulsory courses.

Masters Degree Programs

  • MA in Logistics Management (Without Thesis) – 3 Semesters (1.5 Years)
  • MA in Logistics Management (With Thesis) – 4 Semesters (2 years)
  • The Logistics Management Graduate Program aims to respond to the needs of the academic environment and the industry by transferring the knowledge of logistics concept that becomes more and more important by the effects of globalization and beyond that the supply chain concept which aims to directly manage all kinds of goods, services and information flows that links businesses.
  • Master of Design in Yacht Design (1.5 years): The Yacht design program at Izmir University of Economics has been opened with the aim of contributing and adding a professional education and research approach to the rising Yacht design sector. The career opportunities open to individuals with the Master of Yacht design are varied. However, the main fields are: education, research, consultancy, design management and various related applications.

LAST UPDATED ON Dec 02, 2017

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