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International Trade and Logistics Education in Ankara, Turkey

atilim university

Founded in 1996, Atılım University (Atılım Üniversitesi) is a private university located in Ankara, Turkey. The language of instruction for most courses is English. Education programs are at international standards. The university offers various scholarship opportunities with the objective of encouraging and rewarding success of the students.

Atılım University is located on 250 acres of land in İncek one of the most recent and fastest developing residential areas of Ankara, 13 miles from the City Centre. The campus contains faculty buildings, laboratories, conference halls, basketball and volleyball fields, a gymnasium, tennis courts, a condition hall, a swimming pool, recreation areas where outdoor activities are also carried out, cafeterias and restaurants.

The International Trade and Logistics Department aims to train the students to satisfy the need of the sector and form a high qualified work force which is sufficient for national and international arena, equipped with broad vision and core competence in her/his field with the efficiency to communicate in a foreign language and the capability to analyze/synthesize the sector by providing both national and international internship and research programs enabled with the cooperation between the Department and the private sector.

atilim university campus

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Degree Program

  • Bachelors Program in International Trade and Logistics (English): The program consists of courses such as Supply Chain Management; Export and Import Management; International Logistics Law; International Trade Law; Logistics and Transportation Law; Foreign Exchange Regulations and Applications; Warehousing and Inventory Management; Marine Trade and Logistics Law; Financing and Accounting of International Trade; Integrated Quality Systems Management of Logistics and Transportation; Export and Freight Insurance in Foreign Trade; Cargo Transportation; Port and Terminal Management; and more.

Masters Degree Program

  • Masters program in International Trade and Logistics (English): Logistics, Law, Computers and Information Systems, Economics, Transportation, International Trade, Export and Import, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing and Inventory Management, Marine Trade and Logistics Law, Taxation, and more..

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