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Bachelors, Masters, and PhD Programs in Maritime, Engineering, Business & Logistics and Marine Vocational Education Programs in Istanbul, Turkey

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Founded in 2008, Piri Reis University (PRU) is a private maritime university established by Turkish Maritime Education Foundation (TUDEV). The university origin dates back to 1995 with the establishment of TUDEV Maritime Education Center which has graduated over 2000 officers. The university consists of four faculties and two institutes in arts, business, engineering, maritime and social sciences.

The campus is located at the municipality of Tuzla in Istanbul, Turkey and Piri Reis University Green Campus entered service in Tuzla, on the coast of the Marmara Sea, in 30 acres of land and approximately 60,000 square meter indoor training facilities. The PRU engineering education programs are regulated as student-oriented and project-based.

The Maritime Faculty at PRU is a specialized part where deck and engineering department officers of the merchant navy are educated and trained. The law, arts and sciences, and other faculties also provides specialized education for the maritime industry. Also Piri Reis University Maritime Higher Vocational School offers associate degree programs in various fields.

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Academic Programs

Associate Degree Vocational Programs

  • Marine Transportation and Management Program (2 years): Graduates of this program will be able to gain proficiency of watch officer on board vessels up to 3000 GRT after completing their onboard internship trainings.
  • Marine Engineering Program (2 years): Graduates of this program will be able to gain proficiency of engines watchkeeping officer on board vessels having machinery up to 3000 KW power after completing their onboard internship trainings.
  • Ship Construction Program (2 years): Graduates of this program will have the knowledge and competency of technicians who are well trained in the maintenance of the vessels. The Ship Construction Program graduates will have the opportunity to continue their education in engineering undergraduate programs.
  • Maritime and Port Management Program (2 years): Maritime and Port Management curriculum basically aims to prepare the students to the duties of shipping companies, ports and terminals, ship brokering, ship agency services and then marine insurance companies. Graduates will also be able to possess a certificate of competency of Restricted Officer of the Watch which in fact enables the graduates to work as deck officer/master vessels being less than 500 GT within the port zones.
  • Yacht Operation and Management Program (2 years): The objective of Yacht Operation and Management Program is to train seamen at officer level qualified to serve as a Yacht Captain on a growing number of Mega Yachts.
  • Maritime Brokerage Program (2 years): Graduates of the Maritime Brokerage Program will be able to find jobs in the seaports, terminals, ship agencies, insurance, brokerage and freight forwarding companies operating internationally.
  • Mechatronics (Electro Technical Officer) Program (2 years): With the curriculum fully compliant with STCW 2010, the graduates can start their jobs as Electro Technical Officer (ETO) on commercial ships. They can also work as technicians in shipyards, ports, maritime companies' ground services, and respective technical services of the similar positions in maritime independent industries such as energy, electronics, automation, control, communications and automotive industries.
  • Logistics Program (2 years): Graduates of the Logistics Program will have the chance to be employed by the logistics and transportation companies, firms specialized in export and import; companies which provide logistics consultancy services, freight forwarding companies and firms dealing with distribution, storage and customs services.
  • Computer Programming (2 years): Graduates can work in the development of computer aided management, production and control systems software used in maritime companies, ports and shipyards, and in the development of integrated computer aided automation systems of ships.
  • Marine Cookery Program (2 years): The objectives of the program are to provide the students with necessary knowledge and skills in order to enable them to manage the culinary departments of ships and yachts mostly.

Bachelor Degree Engineering Programs

  • Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (4 years): Naval Architects and Marine Engineers are professional engineers which are responsible for desing stage, building stage and maintenance of all kinds of floating objects. The aim of this program is to provide our students with all necessary skills for their professional activities in engineering design and production, along with social skills required.
  • Mechanical Engineering (4 years):  Education program of PRU Mechanical Engineering department is designed the way that supply the necessities and requirements of shipbuilding and offshore industry.
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering (4 years):  As in all sectors,  applications of electrical and electronics engineering  have  recently increased  in the maritime sector.Students in this program can specialize in the following tracks – Communications, Control, Computer, and Power electronics
  • Industrial Engineering (4 years):  Main goal of Industrial Engineering is, to educate engineers being able to work in all kind of industrial areas; having knowledge, ability and experience to compete internationally; applying the most efficient production methods and having abilities to develop these methods.

Bachelor Degree Maritime Programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Maritime Transportation and Management (4 years): The main aim of the program is to prepare the students for deck officer posts in merchant marine ships. After fulfilling the requirements as set by international regulations, the graduates will be able to serve as seagoing offices that can sail in all seas of the world. Additionally, they have the opportunity to be employed in various sea related jobs such as brokering, ship chandelling, marine insurance, maritime recruiting and port/terminal/marina management. The program is for eight semesters, where the sixth semester is planned as an on the job training on merchant marine ships.
  • Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering Operations (4 years): The main aim of the program is to prepare the students for marine engineer officer posts in merchant marine ships. Students who complete license exam prepared by Seafarers Exam Center comply with Seafarers Regulation will be awarded the Marine Engineer Certificate. They can have job in Turkish or foreign flagged ships as Marine Engineer (3rd Engineer).
  • Degrees and certificates issued by the Piri Reis University’s Maritime Faculty are fully compliant with the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW standards) set by the International Maritime Organization IMO). The program also incorporates the seagoing training phase required by STCW, so the graduates are both awarded a Bachelor of Science degree and fulfill the educational requirements of STCW Deck and Engineering Officers, both at the operational and managerial level.
  • The operational level certified by a state-administered examination permits the graduate to reach the 2nd Officer (Third Engineer Officer) position after the required seagoing service, the students can take further examinations to reach the positions at management level (First Mate and Master for the deck department and Second and Chief Engineer Officer for the engineering department).

Bachelor Degree Business Programs

  • International Management and Trade (4 years): The program aims to generate graduates with strong theoretical background, analytical skills and numerical methods; more importantly, to make them understand the interaction of the theoretical and practical dimensions of their field by providing a rich content in the areas of business, economics, finance and thus to enable the participation of individuals in the workforce
  • Economics and Finance (4 years):  The purpose of the program is to present the students a structure that is prioritized and preferred in the area of economics and finance in which they will be trained. For this purpose the program embodies faculty members and provides a curriculum and research opportunities through providing all the theoretical and practical set of knowledge that is required by the field.
  • Maritime Business Management (4 years):  The aim of Maritime Business Administration Undergraduate Program is to educate contemporary maritime operators who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that can work in maritime transportation business and management all over the world.
  • International Logistics and Transportation (4 years):  Students who graduated from the program are experts in supply chain management, have comprehensive knowledge of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, effective forward and reverses flow and storage of goods, services and related information.
  • Management Information Systems (4 years):  The main aim of the Management Information Systems program (curriculum) is to prepare graduates for the informatics proficiency required by companies. Graduates will be able to analyze the business problems and develop solutions for the needs based on information system and will be able to implement these solutions.

Masters Degree Programs

  • MS in Computational Science and Engineering
  •  MS in Mechanical Engineering (Non-Thesis)
  • MS in High Performance Ocean Platforms Mechanical Engineering
  • MS in Mechanical Engineering (Thesis)
  • MS in Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering
  • Master of Business Administration Program (Non-Thesis)
  •  Master of Logistics and Supply Chain (Non-Thesis)
  •  MA in Maritime Business and Economics

PhD Programs

  • PhD in Computational Science and Engineering
  •  PhD in High Performance Ocean Platforms
  • PhD in Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering
  • PhD in Business Administration

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