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International Trade & Logistics Management, Maritime & Port Education and Marina & Yacht Management Training in Izmir, Turkey

yasar university

Yaşar University offers a new and exciting opportunity for international students who are looking for an enriching study abroad experience. As more and more international students continue to look to Turkey for study abroad options, many have been attracted to Yasar University’s growing national and international profile. Established in 2001 and located in the coastal city of Izmir, Yasar University brings students into the heart of Turkish-Aegean lifestyle and culture to deliver a quality and prestigious education.

Yaşar University consists of seven faculties, a vocational school and a School of Foreign Languages. It also has two graduate Schools. Yaşar University Vocational School which was established in 2001 has education duration of two years. The vocational school consists of two units, namely, the Technical Programs Department and the Economics and Administrative Programs Department.

The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences is composed of four departments; the departments of the faculty are Economics; Business Administration; International Trade and Finance; Tourism Management; International Logistics Management; International Relations and Travel Management and Tourism Guidance. The language of instruction in all departments is English.

yasar university campus

Academic & Vocational Programs

Bachelor Degree Programs (English/Turkish)

  • BA in International Trade and Finance (4 years): A student of International Trade and Finance program will have the ability to seize opportunities, to predict possible threats that can be faced with, create innovative solution for the problems encountered, to quantitatively evaluate the situation, to communicate with people at least in two European languages, to market the product or service he/she responsible for, to make business journeys on behalf of his/her companies to international locations, and to be result oriented and entrepreneurial.
  • BA in International Logistics Management (4 years): Given the rising competitive conditions in Logistics sector, our department prepares its students for the highly challenging business life through improving their analytical thinking and problem solving skills. 

Masters Degree Programs (English/Turkish)

  • MA in International Trade and Finance: Students who will graduate from the International Trade and Finance Masters Program will have a strong finance background and be able to grasp the application of theory into practice, and evaluate the interaction between comprehensive global trade processes and international economic and financial environments. The program is designed as thesis and non-thesis with the option of either Turkish or English curriculum. Students need to complete 30 credit hours of which should consist of 15 credit hours of compulsory courses.

Vocational Programs (Turkish)

  • Associate Degree in Maritime and Port Management (120 Credits): The program provides both theoretical and practical education to the students about basic maritime information and port management.
  • Associate Degree in Foreign Trade (120 Credits): Foreign Trade Program aims to train individuals who are well-informed and skilled enough to work in the foreign trade sector companies involved and to overcome and compete with the difficulties caused by the differences between foreign and domestic trade.
  • Associate Degree in Logistics (120 Credits): The Program is geared to motivate students to become specialists to serve in all fields of logistics and supply chain management in both domestic and international companies operating in a wide variety of industries.
  • Associate Degree in Marina and Yacht Management (120 Credits): The purpose of the program is to meet the need for specialized and qualified work force that has emerged in recent years with the increasing demand for super and mega yachts in the world, especially in Mediterranean countries.

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