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UK MCA Orals Prep Hybrid Classes for Master Mariner, Chief Mate / Master 3000, and OOW Unlimited & Professional Development Programs in Gasgow

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Established in 2020 and located in Glasgow, Onboard Maritime provides courses for individual maritime professionals designed around your time, your education needs and your lifestyle. Onboard Maritime delivers digital learning programs, instructional design and content development for the maritime industry. The Onboard Maritime delivery team has technical seagoing experience as well as extensive maritime education experience. This results in programs and content developed with a focus on the learner and the learning.

The team have a thorough understanding of STCW and national frameworks and can develop unique training programs and courses for clients. This includes the instructional design and content development for STCW short courses as well as programs which deliver STCW underpinning knowledge, skills and competencies.

Onboard Maritime courses allow you to start when you want. They consist of online learning materials and virtual classroom sessions with a qualified instructor.

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Training Programs

MCA Oral Prep Courses

  • Master Mariner Unlimited (4 weeks, 8 hours per week): his course is aligned to the MCA Master Unlimited Syllabus A in MGN 69. It will bring together your experience as a maritime professional and the knowledge and understanding required by a senior officer to fully prepare you for the exam.
  • Chief Mate /Master 3000 (4 weeks, 8 hours per week):  Covering the contents of the MCA Chief Mate / Master 3000 Syllabus B in MGN 69 this course focusses on the technical and legislative requirements for a senior officer.
  • OOW Unlimited (4 weeks, 8 hours per week):  The OOW Unlimited course is aligned to the MCA Syllabus C in MGN 69. Through a program of self-paced online study and structured small group instruction it will ensure you have the knowledge and understanding required by the OOW.

Professional Development Courses

  • Leadership & Motivation: This introductory to leadership course will develop understanding in the link between leadership and motivation. For those at the start of their leadership journey, this will develop knowledge of leadership styles and leadership skills.
  • SQA Introduction to Leadership & Management: This PDA in Introductory Leadership and Management at SCQF level 6 covers the fundamental principles of leadership and management. It has been designed for those at the start of their leadership journey - either aspiring leaders or those in their first leadership position. It is jointly certificated with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Other Programs

  • Virtual Leadership, Management & Career Coaching
  • MCA Written Prep - Chief Mate Stability & Structure

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