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Lifesaving Appliances, Firefighting Equipment, Marine Evacuation Systems & Crew, Lifeboat, Extended Service Raft, and Equipment Maintainer Training in UK & Worldwide


Established in 1920 and headquartered in London, Survitec is a global leader in the design, manufacturing and supply of critical safety solutions serving marine, energy defense and aviation markets. Survitec employs over 3,000 people with a presence in 96 countries and operate eight world-class manufacturing facilities, three DNV-GL accredited training centers, 70 locations and a support network of more than 400 accredited service stations.

Survitec is a DNV-GL accredited training provider with 3 well equipped international training centers located in Scotland, Belgium and Singapore. Further to this, they are present in 96 countries with 400+ accredited service stations and 12 offshore support locations giving the the capabilities to bring training to practically anywhere in the world.

The training spans all critical safety equipment including lifesaving appliances, Marine Evacuation System crew training and firefighting training as well as equipment maintenance courses. Additionally, the lifeboat training academy offers tailor-made training for those operating in marine and offshore environments.

The also run many training courses for our in-house and third-party service technicians to help ensure they remain up-to-date with the latest best practice servicing standards. As per the IMO MSC.1/Circ.1328, Extended Service Liferafts (RaftXChange+) require an annual, on-board inspection. Crew members must be trained by the manufacturer and hold a valid certificate and Survitec ESR Training takes care of this as well.

survitec training programs

Training Programs

Lifesaving Equipment & Crew Training

  • Lifesaving Appliances (LSA) Training: Includes - Gain in-depth understanding of lifeboat recovering and release system, davit, winch and fall wire operations and checks; Lifeboat operation, start systems, and causes of lifeboat maintenance related accidents; Correct stowage of lifeboat in the davit system; Understand safe fitting of maintenance pendants and trickle charge electrical plug; and Maintenance training on fixed and portable firefighting systems, lifejackets, immersion suits, life buoys, descent units and liferafts.
  • Firefighting Equipment (FFE) Training: Includes - Gain in-depth understanding of fixed firefighting systems onboard vessels and principles for usage; Understand marine safety circular service and maintenance requirements; Understand inspection criteria during service and common repairs; and Able to review a service
  • Marine Evacuation Systems (MES) Training: Includes - Learn the basics of MES Systems; Receive liferaft training – how to use and operate equipment inside the liferaft; Preparing crew and passengers for evacuation to the MES; and Practical evacuation training
  • Marine Evacuation Systems Crew Training: Includes - Emergency equipment familiarization; Pyrotechnics and electronics; Liferaft familiarization; Passenger emergency & stress management; Lifejacket donning; Participant descent; Stretcher descent; Carry techniques; Crisis control; and System abandonment.

Lifeboat Training Academy Courses

  • Lifeboat Release and Retrieval System Training (LLRS)
  • Lifeboat Familiarization Training
  • Lifeboat Maintenance Training

Other Training Programs

  • Extended Service Raft (ESR) Training
  • Equipment Maintainer Training