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Executive Maritime Management Program, Developing People, Operating Ships, and Building Ships Courses in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa

dnvgl maritime academy

Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany with academy managers in 17 key locations in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Singapore to provide expert training in more than 100 countries, DNV GL Maritime Academy provides one of the broadest portfolios of maritime training courses for the industry. DNV GL Maritime Academy provides over 150 different courses, one of the broadest portfolios in the industry.

The DNV GL Maritime Academy certificates are internationally accepted and had a dedicated team more than 300 trainers in these centers. The academy provides training mainly in Europe, Asia and Australia and, Africa and the Middle East. The course portfolio is based around three core maritime themes, Developing People, Operating Ships, and Building Ships. Authentic case studies that enable the participants to apply what they have learned during the course and deepen their understanding of the subject matter.

Maritime Academy’s aim is to educate, stimulate and empower personnel in shipping companies to contribute to environmentally sound shipping practices and to ensure compliance with pollution-prevention measures. With a complete range of courses covering all aspects of the risk management process, the Maritime Academy is able to assist its clients with appropriate courses at every stage.

dnvgl maritime courses

Maritime Training Programs

Executive Management Program

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Executive Maritime Management (11 months): This Postgraduate Diploma has been designed to provide a boot camp for managers. Drawing on the strengths and expertise of WMU and DNV GL, it addresses current topics of critical importance in the maritime industry with a blended learning approach to operational, commercial and technical issues. The program lets you choose the method of delivery between, classroom learning, distance learning, or a blend of the two. The Postgraduate Diploma is offered by the World Maritime University (WMU). The Diploma carries a credit weighting expressed in European Credits (ECs). The complete program consists of 40 ECs with each module consisting of 8 ECs.

Maritime Training Courses

Maritime training courses are categorized into three broad areas with sub-categories further. These courses are available all over Europe, part of Asia and parts of Africa / Middle East

Developing People Courses

Operating Ships Courses

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Environmental Protection
  • Management Systems
  • Offshore
  • Regulations, Surveys and Inspection
  • Risk and Emergencies
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Ship Technology
  • Ship Types
  • Survey Simulator
  • More details of Operating Ships Courses

Building Ships Courses

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