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Ship Operations Engineering, Transport and Logistics Engineering Programs in Bremerhaven, Germany

hochschule bremerhaven

Founded in 1975 and located at the centre of the City of Bremerhaven and between the mouth of the Geeste and the North Sea, Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Bremerhaven) is a public university in Germany which traces its origin and maritime tradition over 100 years ago. As "the university by the sea" University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven has a maritime characteristic which is reflected in its close cooperation with the industry in the field of teaching and research.

With over 24 study programs and over 3000 students studying on the campus, the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven offers several programs including courses in marketing, management, personnel management and business administration round off the framework of a traditional engineering course. The university also offers several important business languages such as French and Spanish, apart from English and German.

Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences has several international partnerships with other institutions, whereby special value is placed on ensuring that these enable students of all disciplines to undertake periods of stay abroad.

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Academic & Training Programs

Bachelor Degree - Nautical Program

  • BSc in Ship Operation Engineering (3 years including integrated practical training of 18 month): The Ship Operation Engineering course is a solid and internationally recognized engineering course with a focus on industrial engineering. The parameters for the course are defined by legislation of the Federal State of Bremen as well as by the SchOffzAusbVO Ship Officer Training Directorate and STCW of IMO. It is possible for the course to be shortened to four terms for holder of the Technical Watch Officer´s License. Teaching Language are German (80%) and English (20%).

Bachelor Degree - Logistics Program

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Transport Engineering / Logistics (3 years): Bachelor’s program trains students into highly qualified industrial engineers, who are capable of planning, controlling and optimizing the global transport of goods. The graduates can seek employment in manufacturing companies, service companies or corporate consultancies or continue their studies in the Master’s program in logistics engineering and Management. 20% of the courses are taught in English, the rest is offered in German.

Masters Degree - Logistics Program

  • MSc in Logistics Engineering and Management (2 years): Objective of the training in the master's degree program is a deep, scientifically based knowledge to the planning, design and management of internationally oriented networks. The students benefit here a lot from the well developed network with scientific institutes and organizations such as the Institute of Maritime Transport and Logistics (ISL), the Institute of Risk Management and Logistics Law (IRML) or the Information Centre of Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances (GGIZ). The international orientation of the Master’s program is reflected in teaching, the projects and the exchange programs worldwide and makes the excellent training even more complete and can be brought into their professional life by the graduates. 40% of the courses are taught in English, the rest is offered in German.

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