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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering, Ship & Offshore Technology, and Logistics & Transport Degree Programs in Hamburg, Germany

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Founded in 1978, Hamburg University of Technology (THH - Technische Universität Hamburg) is one of the youngest in Germany and a competitive entrepreneurial university. It is the first German university to introduce a Bachelor’s degree in English-language to attract students from all over the world. Around one in five of the students are international students spending all or part of their studies at TUHH. The university is located in Harburg south of Hamburg.

With over 6000 students and 1,150 employees TUHH is offers a modern, research oriented and practically geared training. TUHH Centers of Competence include - Green Technology, Renewable Energy, Life Sciences, Medical Technology, Aviation Technology, and Maritime Systems. TUHH offers 14 bachelor degree and 28 master degree programs in its Harburg campus.

The TUHH participates in the following exchange programs - ERASMUS (Europe), ISAP (USA, Canada), ECIU (worldwide), and independent TUHH partnerships. Some programs are available in English with some subjects in the German programs are taught in English as well.

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Training Programs

Bachelors Degree Programs (German)

  • BSc in Naval Architecture (3 years): The TUHH is the only university in Germany to offer a separate B.Sc. program in Naval Architecture that introduces students to the “ship” system at an early stage. Students are required to serve a ten-week career-related placement. The Bachelor’s study program in Naval Architecture is also available as a dual study program under the heading [email protected] It combines theory at the university level and practice in well-known enterprises. Dual here stands not for a combination of university study and vocational training but for a university course complemented by extended internships and an introduction to the company.
  • BSc in Logistics and Mobility (3 years): Graduates are able to plan and control the flow systems (of goods, people, information, money) required for the manufacture of goods or the provision of services and to apply their theoretical expertise knowledge to practical issues. They can solve technical problems, devise new technical systems for logistics and transportation systems, and evaluate their efficiency. Students are required to serve a ten-week career-related placement.

Masters Degree Programs (English)

  • MSc in Ship & Offshore Technology (2 years Joint Masters with University of Strathclyde): This program is designed for graduate engineers in naval architecture, offshore engineering, mechanical engineering and other related disciplines who wish to acquire advanced knowledge in a broad range of subjects of ship and offshore technologies. This two-year course is offered jointly with University of Strathclyde in UK. Year 1 is completed at Strathclyde and Year 2 in Hamburg. The award is made in the name of both universities.

Masters Degree Programs (German)

  • MSc in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (2 years): The central focus of this discipline is on acquiring knowledge and skills to develop, design, calculate and appraise naval and ocean engineering designs and their components. This Master program begins by extending the basic natural science and engineering principles in relation to naval architecture and ocean engineering by way of seven compulsory modules in various sub-disciplines.
  • MSc in Logistics, Infrastructure and Mobility (2 years): The interdisciplinary Master Program in Logistics, Infrastructure and Mobility therefore follows an engineering orientation, imparts the necessary economic knowledge, and enables students to specialize in either Production and Logistics or Transport and Mobility.

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