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Supply Chain Engineering & Management Education in Germany

jacobs university

Founded in 2001, Jacobs University at Bremen is a top-ranked, private, residential university in Bremen, Germany. The primary language of instruction and campus communication at the university is English. Jacobs University is one of the most diverse universities worldwide. More than 75% of the students come from outside of Germany. This plurality allows Jacobs community to break down cultural barriers and create a community where no one group constitutes a majority. Instead, students from all over the world live and study together on the lush 100-acre campus.

With over 1200 students representing 110 countries, Jacobs University combines aspects from the American and German academic systems to form an environment with a transdisciplinary approach between diverse disciplines and subject areas. As the university is quite small, having more of a liberal-arts college feel, and with the expected addition of many graduate programs, students will have ample opportunity to work closely together with excellent minds in the fields offered, making the most out of Jacobs University’s research element. Unlike a larger public German university, the institution is rather special in being able to offer relatively small classes.

Jacobs University is located in the northern districts of the city-state of Bremen. Founded approximately 1,200 years ago, Bremen is home to over 500,000 inhabitants and represents the smallest state (Bundesland) in Germany.

jacobs university campus

Academic Programs

Masters Programs

  • MSc in Supply Chain Engineering & Management (2 years): The program educates and trains students to deal with complex problems, using engineering and management skills. While the Bachelor degree program in Industrial Engineering and Management at Jacobs University mainly focuses on understanding logistics processes, the graduate degree program concentrates on describing, analyzing and designing logistics systems.
  • Entry Requirements: Evaluation criteria for applicants include the grades of diplomas and other leaving certificates of previous educational institutions. Proven records of self-organisation, interanationality and the applicants learning ability are further factors which are taken into very careful consideration during the admissions process.

JACOBS Scholarships

  • Jacobs University’s scholarships are merit-based, taking into account your talent and academic potential without regard to your material wealth or resources.
  • Applicants interested in a scholarship are advised to apply as early as possible during the admissions cycle to increase their chances.

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