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Ship Handling, Crisis Management & Bridge Resource Management Training & Other Programs in Buxtehude, Germany

nsb academy buxtehude

The NSB Academy is the competence center of NSB Niederelbe Schiffahrtsgesellschaft, one of the world’s top companies for managing ships. The facility is used for the further training of ship’s officers and professionally preparing them for the ever more demanding requirements of NSB’s expanding fleet. All activities of NSB Academy can also be used by other shipping companies.

NSB Academy provides highly effective basic and further training programs, employing experienced trainers and state-of-the-art technology, such as the Ship Handling Simulator. The basic and further training program goes well beyond communicating theoretical knowledge: the state-of-the-art Ship Handling Simulator conveys practically oriented know-how in realistic scenarios. In interaction with nautically experienced instructors, participants learn how to solve problems before they occur in practice.

The training concept is oriented to meet the international requirements of the IMO, thus providing a sound basis for the further training of crews. With this combination of theory and practice, participants of the training programs are optimally prepared for their future careers.

nsb academy simulator

Training Programs

Simulation Training

  • Shiphandling
  • Bridge Team Management
  • Bridge Resource Management
  • Crisis Management
  • The courses are basically organized as three-day seminars. The simulator sessions are carried out in early and/or late shifts so as to make the most of the capacities of the facility. Key subjects covered in NSB courses include: the vital areas of sailing in narrow waters; berthing and unberthing; giving way; collision avoidance; malfunctions; and SAR (search and rescue).

Other Programs

  • Navigational Watchkeeping Officer Program
  • 3rd Engineer Program
  • Intercultural cadetship program
  • Women on board cadetship program

LAST UPDATED ON Nov 20, 2017

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