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ASA,US Sailing & NauticEd Certified Sailing Schools in U.S. Virgin Islands

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ASA, US Sailing & NauticEd Certified and Other Sailing Schools in Frenchtown Marina, St. Thomas and On board Samana..

USCG Captain's License Online

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MARINERS LEARNING SYSTEM (MLS) ONLINE- USCG Approved Online Captain's and Masters License Study Packages, Home Study Guides & FCC Online Tests - Located in Pennington NJ, Mariners Learning System provides U.S. Coast Guard Certified Licensing Courses with their flexible online training.

NauticEd Online Affiliated Sailing Schools in VI

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Take online theory sailing courses with NauticEd, with two free sailing courses and sailing resume, and then use the skilled in-house sailing instructors from the following sailing schools to gain practical sailing experience and confidence. Once you pass the courses and practical training, you'll be awarded with a NauticEd Sailing Certification with Verified Practical Competency. Yacht Charter Companies worldwide accept and acknowledge the NauticEd Sailing Certification.

  • Island Hopper Sailing Academy - St Thomas
  • Virgin Islands Yacht Charters - Frydenhoj


Virgin Island Sailing School - St. Thomas USVI

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Founded in 2010 on St. Thomas Island, the school offers week-long live-aboard sailing courses, as well as skippered charters with as much formal or informal sailing instruction as you’d like. Virgin Island Sailing School is an American Sailing Association (ASA) certified sailing school based in the U.S. Virgin Islands and operate from November 1st through July 31st from the base on St. Thomas Island. Classes are integrated into a live-aboard cruise over a 7-night, 6-day period, so you can immediately apply what you’ve learned in each lesson.

ASA Classes & Other Programs

  • ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Sailing
  • ASA 103 Basic Coastal Cruising
  • ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising
  • ASA 114 Cruising Catamaran
  • ASA 105 Coastal Navigation
  • Series 1 | ASA 101 + 103 + 104
  • Series 2 | ASA 103 + 104 + 114
  • Private Classes/Charters

Virgin Islands Sailing Academy - St. Thomas VI

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Virgin Islands Sailing Academy is based in the US Virgin Islands and operates as an American Sailing Association Affiliated sailing school since 2013. The school teaches and certify students to ASA standards, and teach the entire series of ASA on the water classes, from beginner to ocean passage making standards. Classes are available at Virgin Islands Sailing Academy November - June to fit almost anyone's schedule.

ASA Courses

  • ASA101 Basic Keelboat
  • ASA 103 Basic Coastal Cruising
  • ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising Class
  • ASA 105 Coastal Navigation Home Study
  • ASA 106 Adv. Coastal Cruising
  • ASA 107 Celestial Navigation Home Study
  • ASA 108 Ocean Passage Making Class
  • ASA 101/103 Combo Class
  • ASA 101/103/104 Combo Class
  • ASA 103/104 Combo Class

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Black Rock Sailing School - St. Thomas USVI

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Black Rock Sailing School (BRSS) is an ASA approved sailing school and its main office is located at Fan Pier Marina in South Boston MA. The BRSS has more branches in the New England region at Marblehead MA, Warwick RI, and in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Our Virgin Island sailing school location, based in St. Thomas, USVI. The school teaches few students at a time on some excellent training boats, offering an extremely high level of instruction.

ASA Programs

  • Single ASA certification courses (101, 0r 103, 0r 104)
  • ASA 101/103 combo courses
  • ASA 103/104 combo courses
  • ASA 104/114 combo courses

Blue Water Sailing School - St. Thomas VI

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Blue Water Sailing School is an American Sailing Association certified sailing school with lessons for sailors at every experience level. The week-long, live-aboard cruising and sailing courses give dedicated students the experience and confidence to achieve their dreams of nautical adventure. The school is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and has additional sailing schools in Rhode Island, the Virgin Islands, and The Bahamas. USVI island location is used for the Bareboat Skipper course, Bareboat Catamaran Skipper course, and the departure point for one of the Offshore Passagemaking courses.

ASA & Other Courses

  • Bareboat Skipper - ASA 101, ASA 103, and ASA 104
  • Bareboat Catamaran Skipper - Bareboat Skipper, and ASA 114
  • Advanced Coastal Skipper - ASA 106, and ASA 105
  • Advanced Catamaran Skipper - ASA 106, ASA 105, and ASA 114
  • Offshore Passagemaking 

Other Sailing Schools in USVI

Island Hopper Sailing Academy - Frenchtown Marina, St Thomas USVI

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Whether your goal is to pick up sailing as a hobby, start taking your friends and family on bareboat sailing charter vacations, or you want to learn how to get started safely and confidently in the live aboard cruiser lifestyle, Island Hopper Sailing Academy will teach and help you reach your goals. Island Hopper Sailing Academy is a NauticEd approved Sailing Academy.

Charter Mastery

Cruising Proficiency

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School of Ocean Sailing - St. Thomas VI (On Board SAMANA)


The School of Ocean Sailing teaches sailing and navigation in a hands-on, live-aboard environment. The school operates out of a single ship - SAMANA - a 52’ steel sailing ketch. Two instructors teach their classes, and students stay onboard the ship for the duration of the seven-day course. During the summer the ship operates out of Maine, but in the winter it is based in St. Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands. Students of all levels of expertise are welcome, from those just learning to sail to those interested in learning advanced navigational techniques.

Sailing School Programs

  • Ocean Sailing and Advanced Navigation (7 days)
  • Ocean Sailing and Celestial Navigation (7 days)
  • Ocean Sailing and Advanced Navigation with a Night Sail (Introduction to Offshore Passage Making)
  • Ocean Sailing and Celestial Navigation with a Night Sail