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ASA, US Sailing & NauticEd Certified Sailing Schools in Wisconsin

NauticEd Affiliated Sailing Schools in WI

nauticed online

Take online theory sailing courses with NauticEd, with two free sailing courses and sailing resume, and then use the skilled in-house sailing instructors from the following sailing schools to gain practical sailing experience and confidence. Once you pass the courses and practical training, you'll be awarded with a NauticEd Sailing Certification with Verified Practical Competency. Yacht Charter Companies worldwide accept and acknowledge the NauticEd Sailing Certification. Read more..

  • Superior Charters - Bayfield
  • True North Maritime Academy - Milwaukee

Hoofer Sailing Club - Madison WI

hoofer sailing club

Hoofer Sailing Club has been a part of the Hoofer outdoor adventure clubs at the University of Wisconsin - Madison since 1939. In that time it has grown from a handful of boats and members taking care of them, to the second largest inland sailing club in the country. The club offers more than 120 different boats and sailboards for the members and these are spread between 8 different fleets and comprised of 15 different types of crafts. Throughout the summer season, a staff of about 80 volunteer and paid instructors offers approximately 190 lessons each week, ranging from beginner to advanced courses.

ASA Courses

  • ASA 101 Test Out - Basic Keelboat
  • ASA 101 - 20 Hour Course
  • ASA 103 - Basic Coastal Cruising
  • ASA 104 - Bareboat Chartering (Sturgeon Bay)
  • ASA 103/104 (Sturgeon Bay)
  • ASA 105 - Coastal Navigation


Other Programs

  • Intro to Sailing
  • Hoofer Sailing Seminar
  • Winter Education Series
  • Memberships

Sea Safaris Sailing School - Milwaukee & Sturgeon Bay WI

sea safaris sailing school wi

Sea Safaris Sailing School offers basic through advanced skills including topical subjects - coastal navigation, celestial navigation and marine weather for children through adult. Skills gained through Sea Safaris courses prepare students to safely sail small through large craft in and beyond their home waters. Sea Safaris also offers refresher, tutored or custom instruction for individual or families to improve sailing skills. Apart from Milwaukee & Sturgeon Bay WI, other primary teaching locations include Lake Michigan, Burnham Harbor Chicago IL, Belmont Harbor Chicago IL, Wilmette IL, and Waukegan IL.

ASA Courses

  • Small Boat Sailing (110)
  • Basic Keelboat Course (101)
  • Basic Coastal Cruising (103)
  • Bareboat Chartering (104)
  • Coastal Navigation (105)
  • Advanced Coastal Cruising (106)
  • Basic Celestial Endorsement (117)
  • Docking Endorsement (118)
  • Marine Weather Endorsement (119)
  • Radar Endorsement (120)

Beginners & Skills Programs

  • Beginners Fore-Sail
  • Families for Sail
  • Sailing Fundamentals
  • Basic Sailing Skills Refresher
  • Skills Fore Sail J70 - Practice - Wilmette Harbor
  • Performance Sailing
  • Docking
  • Navigation Skills
  • This is Knot Fun


Other Programs

  • Sailing Fundamentals
  • Racing 101
  • Become a USCG Captain
  • Family Fore Sail Certification
  • Couples Certification
  • Tutor Fore-Sail
  • Custom Instruction Fore-Sail

Sailing Adventures

  • Coasts for Sail
  • Islands for Sail
  • Chicago to Mac Race Experience
  • Sun, Moon and Stars for Sail
  • Sun & Moon Voyage
  • Sun and Star Voyage
  • Flotillas
  • EduTilla
  • Charters

Fox Valley Sailing School (FVSS) - Neenah WI

fox valley sailing school

Teaching Sailing since 1963, Fox Valley Sailing School (FVSS) owes its existence to a few generous sailors and members of Neenah Nodaway Yacht Club (NNYC) in the 1950s who saw the need for organized sailing instruction in the community. The Fox Valley Sailing School maintains three fleets to accommodate the varying skill levels of the students. Students of the Fox Valley Sailing School sail under the ensign of the Neenah Nodaway Yacht Club.

US Sailing & Other Programs

  • Adult Classes
  • Private Lessons
  • University Training Program
  • Racing

Geneva Lake Sailing School (GLSS) - Fontana WI

geneva lake sailing school

Established 1938, the Geneva Lake Sailing School is a non-profit (organization dedicated to enhancing personal development through teaching the skills of sailing and has served the community with youth sailing programs that emphasize self-reliance, confidence and teamwork. In recent years GLSS expanded its keel-boat sailing programs to providing sailing opportunities to people of all ages.

US Sailing & Other programs

  • Geneva ​Lake Sailing Tour
  • ​Intro to Sailing Course
  • US Sailing Keel-boat Certification
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Spinnaker Flying Course
  • ​Women on the Water
  • Boat Charters
  • Summer Camps
  • Plus more

Boatbookings Yacht Charter

True North Maritime Academy - Milwaukee WI

true north maritime academy

True North Maritime Academy offer USCG Merchant Marine Classes that could turn into a rewarding, on-the-water career, or learn hands on how to sail with ASA-certified on the water instruction. You can learn to navigate the high seas and enhance your navigation and chart reading skills through the school’s many classes. If you are a beginner interested in sailing, sign up below to experience your first sail on Lake Michigan. Qualified and experienced mariners can earn a Captain's License and get started with a career on the water. 

ASA Programs

  • ​Basic Keel Boat Course (101)
  • Basic Coastal Cruising (103)
  • Coastal Navigation (105)
  • Captains License & Other Programs
  • Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV)
  • First Aid, CPR, and AED

Other Sailing & Boating Classes in Wisconsin

Milwaukee Community Sailing Center (MCSC) - Milwaukee WI

milwaukee community sailing center

The Milwaukee Community Sailing Center (MCSC) is a private, not-for-profit agency located just north of downtown in the heart of Veterans Park at McKinley Marina. MCSC provides educational and recreational sailing programs to those who wish to gain access to Lake Michigan and learn to sail; regardless of age, physical ability or financial concerns. MCSC owns and maintains over 60 boats and members have no-charge access to the fleet after they successfully demonstrate basic sailing skills and earn a rating. The Sailing Center also offers private boat owners boat and dinghy storage, mast stepping, launching and haul-out services.

Adult Sailing Classes

  • Basic Daytime Courses
  • Basic Evening Courses 
  • SailVenture
  • Weekend Intensive Sailing Course 18
  • Intermediate Sailing Course
  • Introduction to Solings 
  • On-Board Navigation
  • Advanced Sailing Course
  • Basic Cruising Course
  • Intermediate Cruising


  • Boat Handling
  • Docking & Mooring Basin
  • Problem Solving
  • Refresher Course

Other Programs

  • Spinnaker Club
  • Sunday Racing
  • Private Sailing Lessons

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