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ASA & US-Sailing & Other Certified Sailing Schools in Minnesota

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ASA & US-Sailing Certified Schools and Other Sailing Programs at Minneapolis, New Hope, Lake Minnetonka, Lake Superior, Medicine Lake, Lake St. Croix, Duluth, Shorewood, Lake Pepin, and Wayzata in Minnesota..

USCG Captain's License Online

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MARINERS LEARNING SYSTEM (MLS) ONLINE- USCG Approved Online Captain's and Masters License Study Packages, Home Study Guides & FCC Online Tests - Located in Pennington NJ, Mariners Learning System provides U.S. Coast Guard Certified Licensing Courses with their flexible online training. Auxiliary Sailing & Towing endorsements are also available.

NauticEd Online Sailing Education

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Take online theory sailing courses with NauticEdwith two free sailing courses and sailing resume, and then use the skilled in-house sailing instructors from the NauticEd affiliated sailing schools in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia & around the world to gain practical sailing experience and confidence. Once you pass the courses and practical training, you'll be awarded with a NauticEd Sailing Certification with Verified Practical Competency. Yacht Charter Companies worldwide accept and acknowledge the NauticEd Sailing Certification. Read more..

Lake Calhoun Sailing School (LCSS) - Minneapolis MN

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Founded in 1989, The Lake Calhoun Sailing School (LCSS), has grown to one of the largest and most diverse schools in the Midwest, offering classes for all ages and levels of experience. The school maintains a fleet of Optimist, Club 420, and Ensign sailboats and employs an enthusiastic staff of qualified instructors, many of whom have extensive racing experience. The school is part of the Calhoun Yacht Club (CYC) which has promoted sailing and racing in the heart of Minneapolis since 1901. The school and club also has a Membership Program and members get access to the large fleet of sailboats during open sailing hours. The Lake Calhoun Sailing School is a member of US Sailing.

LCSS Courses

  • Adult Beginning 420
  • Adult Intermediate 420
  • Adult Beginning Keelboat
  • Plus more

Lake Minnetonka Sailing School (LMSS) - Wayzata MN

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Lake Minnetonka Sailing School (LMSS) is a non-profit organization and located at Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota. Recreational Sailing programs at LMSS are designed to provide a quality sailing experience for participants who have little or no experience, or for those who want to enjoy sailing in a relaxed, non-competitive environment. Working with US Sailing Certified instructors and using curriculum that teaches the basics in a fun atmosphere, there is no better place to spend your summers than with LMSS. Also the LMSS Learn-to-Race programs are designed to be the perfect bridge for sailors who have graduated from a session of Camp Sailing or with previous experience, who are wanting to improve their skills in a moderately competitive environment.

LMSS Adult Programs

  • Adult and Family Instruction
  • Individual & Group Private Instruction
  • Private Coaching
  • Team Building
  • Plus more

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Northern Breezes Sailing School - New Hope MN

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Northern Breezes Sailing School is one of the largest American Sailing Association (ASA) affiliated school in Minnesota and one of the most successful in the Midwest. Northern Breezes offers 13 different courses at 10 locations, including local waters, the Great Lakes and the Caribbean Sea in addition to summer Youth Sailing Camp, Boat Clubs and teach family vacation courses. The school was honored as the 2004 ASA School of the Year. Northern Breezes has over 422000 graduates and has awarded over 836000 ASA certifications. Training locations include - Lake Minnetonka, Lake Superior, Medicine Lake, Lake St. Croix, and Duluth in Minnesota; Lake Michigan in Ludington, Michigan; Near Bayfield in Northern Wisconsin; British Virgin Island, Caribbean & St. Martin.

ASA Courses

  • Basic Keelboat
  • Family and Friends
  • Crew Certifications
  • Basic Coastal Cruising
  • Basic Coastal Cruising / Bareboat Chartering
  • Bareboat Chartering
  • Docking Endorsement
  • Advanced Coastal Cruising
  • Instructor Qualification Clinic
  • Basic Celestial Navigation
  • Celestial Navigation
  • Women's Sailing Adventures


Other Courses & Programs

  • Take A Ride!
  • Basic Small Boat
  • Teach Me on My Own Boat
  • Refresher Courses
  • Keelboat Racing
  • Cruising Catamaran
  • Flotilla Sailing
  • Coastal Navigation
  • Marine Weather
  • Marlinspike Seamanship
  • Radar for Mariners
  • British Virgin Islands, Caribbean, St. Martin Sailing & Courses
  • Vacation Sailing Courses & Adventures
  • Boat Club
  • Sailboat Charters
  • Great Lakes Sailing Courses & Adventures
  • Corporate Events

Sail Away Sailing School & Upper Minnetonka Sailing School - Shorewood MN

sail away sailing school minnesota

Sail Away Sailing School is an ASA accredited sailing school in Minnesota and local classes hosted with the Upper Minnetonka Sailing School. Sail Away Sailing School conducting classes, cruises and coaching in Minnesota, the Great Lakes, and Caribbean and the courses in Minnesota are offered at Lake Minnetonka, Lake St. Croix, Lake Pepin, and Lake Superior. Whether you would like the full four session basic keelboat certification course, or you just need a refresher and practice session on the water, there’s something for everyone.

ASA Courses

  • ASA 101, 103, 104, 105, 106, 118 


Other Courses

  • Sailing Discovery
  • Sailing Skills

Wayzata Community Sailing Center (WCSC) - Wayzata MN

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Wayzata Community Sailing Center (WCSC) is one of only 25 US Sailing Certified Community Sailing Centers in the United States and promotes continual discovery, team work, confidence, leadership, science skills, nature, and more through sailing. The Wayzata Community Sailing Center offers the finest small boat sailing in Minnesota. The WCSC is also one of the largest community sailing centers in the Midwest and serves the entire Twin Cites area metro area. Located just west of Minneapolis in Wayzata, Minnesota, the one and a half acre facility is conveniently located on the shore of Lake Minnetonka at the east end of Wayzata's downtown. WCSC provides sailing instructions for people of all ages on Lake Minnetonka.

US Sailing Courses & Certifications

  • Level 1 (Basics, rigging, steering, trimming)
  • Level 2 (Points of sail, sailing to a point, departure and docking)
  • Level 3 (Anchoring, navigation, POB, boat control)


Other Programs

  • Group, Family, & Corporate Adventures
  • Adaptive Sailing
  • Plus more

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Other Sailing & Boating Classes in Minnesota (Without Certification)

GEM Sailing - Lake Pepin MN

gem sailing minnesota

GEM Sailing provides sailing lessons and sailing cruises in Lake Pepin Minnesota. It offers a Charter Certification Sailing Course with an experienced captain that will prepare you to charter your own boat or you can take a casual sailing lesson to sharpen your sailing skills. The boats are very responsive and there is instant feedback to the student from changes in rudder or sails. Because of this feedback, the student is able to learn faster on a responsive boat. The Bareboat Charter Certification class and on the water training includes Sailing terms and Theory of Propulsion, sailing theory, Points of Sail, Sailing Maneuvers, Engine use, Docking, Reefing, Crew Overboard, Anchoring, Navigation, Nautical Rules of the Road, VHF Radio and Weather.

Sailing Classes

  • Recreational Sailing Class (4 hour or 8 hour)
  • Bareboat Charter Certification Course (3 days)
  • Other Programs
  • Two, Three and Four Hour Sailing Cruises
  • Yacht Bareboat Charter
  • Corporate Team Building Events
  • Plus more

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