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ASA & NauticEd & Other Certified Sailing Schools in Oregon

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ASA Certified or Other Sailing Schools without Certification at Portland, Eugene and Newport in Oregon..

USCG Captain's License Online

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MARINERS LEARNING SYSTEM (MLS) ONLINE- USCG Approved Online Captain's and Masters License Study Packages, Home Study Guides & FCC Online Tests - Located in Pennington NJ, Mariners Learning System provides U.S. Coast Guard Certified Licensing Courses with their flexible online training. Auxiliary Sailing & Towing endorsements are also available.

NauticEd Online Sailing Education

nauticed online

Take online theory sailing courses with NauticEdwith two free sailing courses and sailing resume, and then use the skilled in-house sailing instructors from the NauticEd affiliated sailing schools in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia & around the world to gain practical sailing experience and confidence. Once you pass the courses and practical training, you'll be awarded with a NauticEd Sailing Certification with Verified Practical Competency. Yacht Charter Companies worldwide accept and acknowledge the NauticEd Sailing Certification. Read more..

City of Eugene Sailing School - Eugene OR

city of eugene sailing school

City of Eugene adult and senior recreation services offered through Campbell Community Center, Petersen Barn Community Center and Amazon Community Center. Providing activities that promote health and well-being, strengthen support networks, and assist individuals to remain active, productive and independent. The River House Outdoor Program Sailing School is the only public or private sailing program available to all area residents.

Adult Sailing Programs

  • Boater Safety Education
  • Water Safety Skills and Boating Certifications
  • ASA Certifications
  • Adult Classes
  • Private Lessons
  • Senior Sails
  • Family Sails

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Island Sailing School - Portland OR

island sailing school oregon

Founded in 1979, Island Sailing School offers a variety of programs that enable sailors to improve skills. The training programs are tightly focused on nurturing excellent and confident sailors. Island Sailing School offers beginner through advanced training as well as American Sailing Association certification. As a NauticEd Flagship School, Island Sailing School focuses on more meaningful training and less on certifications. Island Sailing operates at multiple locations around the Pacific Northwest, offering Sailors the opportunity to sail at Portland, Oregon & Kirkland, Gig Harbor, and Olympia in Washington.

ASA Courses

  • Learn to Sail - Basic Keelboat Sailing
  • ASA Basic Keelboat 101 (Honolulu)
  • Learn to Cruise - Basic Coastal Cruising
  • Learn Bareboat Cruising - Bareboat Chartering

Other Programs

  • Advanced & Offshore Bluewater Sailing
  • Adventure Vacations
  • Sailing Club

NauticEd Courses & Certifications

  • Navigational Rules Clinic
  • Basic Sail Trim
  • Skipper Small Keelboat Course
  • Skipper Small Keelboat Certification
  • Skipper Online Clinic
  • Online Maneuvering Under Power Clinic
  • Bareboat Charter Clinic
  • Coastal Navigation Clinic
  • Anchoring Clinic
  • Electronic Navigation Course
  • Bareboat Charter Master Certification


Continued Sailing Education

  • Rigging Seminar
  • International Certificate of Competence (ICC)
  • Coastal Navigation
  • Marine Weather Courses
  • Outboard Motor Clinic
  • Spinnaker Class
  • Sail Coaching
  • Sailing Wilderness First Aid
  • Sailing Locks Clinic
  • Marine Electronics
  • Marine Radar
  • Northwest Ocean Passagemaking

Starpath Home Study

  • Coastal Navigation
  • Marine Weather
  • Celestial Navigation

Passion Yachts - Tomahawk Island Drive, Portland OR

passion yachts 2

ASA Approved Sailing School At Hayden Island, Portland, OR - Passion Yachts, formerly known as The Sailing Life, has provided ASA sailing classes on the Columbia River since 2006. The school’s location has been know as the “The sailors destination for over 24 years”. Passion Yachts offers fully sanctioned ASA sailing classes to both beginners and advanced students and 40% of the students have no boating experience. Passion Yachts teaches on new modern Hunter and Beneteau sailboats with outboard/inboard power and tiller/wheel steering. Boat sizes range from 22 to 46 feet.

ASA Sailing Lessons

  • ASA101, 103, 104, 105, 118
  • ASA Challenge


Other Sailing Lessons

  • Intro to Sailing (ITS)
  • Spinnaker Handling
  • Private Lessons
  • Graduate Cruising

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Other Sailing & Boating Classes in Oregon (Without Certification)

Oregon Women's Sailing Association (OWSA) - Portland OR

oregon womens sailing association

Organized in 1994 by local women sailors, Oregon Women's Sailing Association (OWSA) promotes women’s sailing through education and practical experience. The members are from all wlks of life, talent, or interest and have all levels of sailing experience, from newbies to experts. Joining OWSA gives you access to sailing opportunities throughout the Northwest. OWSA offers classes, races, organized evening and weekend cruises, and boat ownership training as well as connecting new sailors with more experienced ones through the Sailing Sisters program.

Sailing & Racing Classes

  • 101 Sailing Basics (Women Only)
  • 102 Basic Sailing Short Course (Women Only)
  • 103 Cool Maneuvers (Women Only)
  • 104 Spinnaker Handling Basics (Co-Ed)
  • 105 Racing Tactics (Co-ed)
  • 106 Women's Basic Racing Clinic (Women Only)
  • 107 Women's Cruising Class (Women Only)
  • 109 The Next Step - Beyond the Basics (Women Only)


Other Programs

  • Wednesday Night Sails
  • Boat Owner Advanced Training (BOAT)
  • First Mate
  • Cruising
  • Racing

Portland Sailing Center (PSC) - Portland OR

portland sailing center 2

Portland Sailing Center is a sailing school on the Columbia River near Portland Airport and offers basic through advanced sailing classes for casual recreationists, ocean-bound cruisers, and other enthusiasts. PSC teaches sailing on ballasted keelboats from 22 to 24 feet in length and also run a cruising boat, a Pearson 39-2, with students up in the Gorge and out on the ocean. PSC is at the center of the best sailing in Portland with widest and windiest point on the Columbia River. The Columbia River is great place to learn to sail with access to the Columbia River Gorge and Pacific Ocean.

PSC Programs & Courses

  • PSC Basic 1 (15 hours)
  • Repeat Basic 1 (15 hours)g
  • PSC Basic 2 (10 hours)
  • Big Boats and Cruising (12 hours)
  • Bonneville (Overnight round-trip)
  • Sea Trials (Two nights, three days)
  • Coastal Navigation (18 hours, classroom)

Willamette Sailing Club - Portland OR

willametter sailing club

Willamette Sailing Club is located on the banks of the Willamette River, approximately 5 minutes South of downtown Portland. It is the only small boat sailing club in Portland, and is dedicated to dinghy (non-keelboats under 20 feet) sailing and racing. The club has over 300 members, and hosts numerous activities throughout the year. The WSC membership is comprised of a wide range of sailing enthusiasts. The club has many members who primarily are interested in racing (from US Olympic team members to their first year racing a sailboat), members that just want a place to keep and launch their boat for day sailing, and some who just want a place to store their boat and enjoy the social aspects of the club.

Adult Sailing Classes

  • Beginner Sailing
  • 3 Hour Private Lessons
  • Family Fridays
  • Custom Events

Yaquina Bay Yacht Club (YBYC) - Newport OR

yaquina bay yacht club

Founded in 1947, Yaquina Bay Yacht Club promotes aquatic sports such as yachting to preserve the traditions of navigation and seamanship. Our members represent all ages and walks of life, sharing camaraderie and a love of sailing and being on the water. Whether your interests are sailboat racing, power boat navigating, cruising the local waters, rowing, crabbing, paddling, fishing, or a comprehensive junior sailing program, YBYC provides the perfect venue to share those interests with other club members and friends.

Adult Sailing

  • Adult Keelboat Sailing Class
  • Adult Small Boat Sailing Class


Other Programs

  • Kayaking
  • Youth Sailing
  • Regattas

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