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ASA and US Sailing Certified & Other Sailing Schools in Connecticut

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ASA Certified or Other Sailing Schools at New London, Westport, Norwalk, Westbrook and Bridgeport in Connecticut..

USCG Captain's License Online

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MARINERS LEARNING SYSTEM (MLS) ONLINE- USCG Approved Online Captain's and Masters License Study Packages, Home Study Guides & FCC Online Tests - Located in Pennington NJ, Mariners Learning System provides U.S. Coast Guard Certified Licensing Courses with their flexible online training. Auxiliary Sailing & Towing endorsements are also available.

NauticEd Online Sailing Education

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Take online theory sailing courses with NauticEdwith two free sailing courses and sailing resume, and then use the skilled in-house sailing instructors from the NauticEd affiliated sailing schools in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia & around the world to gain practical sailing experience and confidence. Once you pass the courses and practical training, you'll be awarded with a NauticEd Sailing Certification with Verified Practical Competency. Yacht Charter Companies worldwide accept and acknowledge the NauticEd Sailing Certification. Read more..

American Sailing Academy at HYS - Howard Street, New London CT

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ASA Approved Gold Star Training School at New London CT - American Sailing Academy is an ASA Gold Star Sailing School located at New London, CT. Whether you are a beginner, a novice or an experienced sailor, the academy can offer you a curriculum that will improve your skills and understanding of the sport. If your particular needs don’t exactly fit within the standard curriculum, tailor-made course of instruction is available to fit your needs.

ASA Programs

Sound Sailing Center - Norwalk CT

sound sailing center

Located in Long Island Sound - Norwalk CT, Sound Sailing Center offers sailing classes and US Sailing certification. The fleet operates up to Maine in the summer and down to the Caribbean in the winter. The teaching methods are hands on, on the water, with fewer students and do not have more than three students per instructor. The Membership Use Program allows 7-8 members to share one of the boats with Sound Sailing Center handling all maintenance. With over 25 years of yacht sales and service experience, Sound Sailing also offers expert advice on buying and selling. The center also offers rentals and charters and its fleet is diverse, ranging from classic boats like the Ensigns, to the flagship, VAr37.

US Sailing & Other Programs

  • Try Sailing
  • Intro to Sailing
  • Basic Keelboat
  • Basic Cruising
  • Advanced Cruising
  • Bareboat
  • Ocean Sailing
  • Private Instruction

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Brewer Pilots Point Marina Sailing School - Pilots Point Dr, Westbrook CT

brewer point sailing school

Brewer Pilots Point Marina Sailing School has for over 20 years offers sailing classes for the community in a fun, all-day class. The Family & Adult Classes are taught on the Colgate 26, and are tailored to your skill level and schedule. Brewer Pilots Point Marina Sailing School also offers US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification Courses throughout the summer.

Adult Lessons

  • Docking
  • Points of Sail
  • Basic Keel Boating
  • Basic Cruising
  • Racing
  • US Sailing Certification Courses
  • Plus more

Other Sailing Schools in Connecticut (Without Certification)

Longshore Sailing School - Westport CT

longshore sailing school

With a long history since 1960, Longshore Sailing School (LSS) is a sailing and recreational boating schools located at Longshore Club Park in Westport CT. Longshore teaches approximately 2000 students a year on its fleet of over 100 sailboats and kayaks. LSS also provides boat and other accessories rental at their facility for recreational boating enthusiasts.

Adult Sailing Courses

  • Adult Basic Sailing (ABS)
  • Adult Intermediate Sailing (AIS)
  • Adult Advanced Sailing (AAV)
  • Adult Catamaran Sailing (ACAT)
  • Private Lessons
  • CT Safe Boating Certified Course
  • Personal Watercraft (PWC) certification

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Norwalk Sailing School - Norwalk CT

norwalk sailing school

Founded in 1960, Norwalk Sailing School offers safe sailing instructions and community programs for the residents of greater Norwalk area which includes windsurfing and Kayaking. Facilities are located at Calf Pasture Beach in East Norwalk directly on Long Island Sound. The fleet in includes - 12’ Widgeon, 14’ Sunfish, Hobie 16’, and Hobie 18’ with many sailing options. All lessons are 3 hours each.

Sailing Lessons

  • Navigation
  • Chart Reading
  • Plotting Courses
  • Rules of the Road
  • Plus more

Sailaway Sailing School - Captain's Cove Seaport, Bridgeport CT

sailaway sailing school

Established in 2006, Sailaway Sailing School provides sailing lessons and located in Captain's Cove Seaport on historic Black Rock Harbor. Once a bustling port for colonial trade ships and rumored stomping grounds for pirates, today it's a full service marina. All instructors and counselors are US Sailing certified and are certified in CPR and First Aid.

Adult Programs

  • Intro to Sailing (3 hours skippered course)
  • Small Boat Sailing Course (3 hours fast track course)
  • Basic Keelboat Sailing Course (9 hours)
  • Other Programs

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