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Maritime and Offshore Safety and Security Training Programs in Tromsø, Svalbard, and Harstad in Norway

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Based in Tromsø Norway, Arcos AS provides training and consultancy to the maritime industry, the petroleum sector and land-based businesses. Arcos is certified by DNV in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015, and approved by Norwegian Oil and Gas the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) as a security center and course provider. We have consultants and instructors with operational maritime background, experience from the petroleum industry - onshore and offshore, and operational experience and management experience from major shipping companies.

Arcos also has good expertise and knowledge of Arctic conditions and challenges related to operations in Arctic areas. Other services include consultancy related to certification, emergency preparedness, HSE and control of vessels. These consultancy services are available for long term and short term projects. The company is also is an approved inspection company for vessel inspections on behalf of the Norwegian Maritime Authority.

The course certificates, issued on behalf of The Norwegian Maritime Authority, are accepted by Panama and the Bahamas Maritime Authority. Based on its cooperation with The Port of Tromsø, Arcos can coordinate courses with cruise vessel arrivals. The courses and training programs are conducted mainly in Tromsø, with some of them available in Svalbard, and Harstad in Norwegian and also some of the courses are available in English.

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Training Programs

STCW Courses

  • Basic Safety Training for Seafarers
  • Bridge Resource Management (BRM)
  • Engine Resource Management (ERM)
  • Fast-Moving MOB Boat
  • Fast-Moving MOB Boat Update
  • Crisis and Passenger Handling
  • Security Awareness
  • Medical First Aid
  • Medical First Aid Update
  • Medical Care
  • Medical Care Update
  • Supplementary Basic Safety Training from Norwegian Oil & Gas (GSK) to Basic Safety Training for Seafarers
  • Rescue vessel and MOB
  • Rescue Vessel and MOB Update
  • Seamen with Special Security Obligations
  • Advanced Safety Course
  • Advanced Safety Course, Update
  • STCW to NOG Basic Safety and Emergency Training

Other Maritime & Offshore Courses

  • Limited Safety Training
  • Limited Security Training Update
  • Fall protection and rescue Module B - NO. 113
  • Leisure Skipping Course - D5L
  • Leisure Skipping Course D5LA - Additional module for extended trading area
  • Basic Fall Protection
  • IMO Model Course 7.12 Polar Code Advanced
  • IMO model course 7.11 Polar code Basic
  • ISM Code and Internal Audit
  • Internal Audit of Quality Systems
  • Restricted Operators Certificate (ROC / GMDSS)
  • Restricted Operator's Certificate (ROC / GMDSS), refresher course
  • Safety Course for Trainers
  • Plus more..