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ResQ - Maritime and Offshore Safety and Emergency Training Programs

Maritime, Offshore and Crisis management Courses in Bergen, Haugesund, Kristiansund, and Stavanger (Forus) in Norway

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Established in 2013 and headquartered in Sandnes Norway, ResQ is a complete provider of services and competence within safety and emergency preparedness. With offices all along the coast of Norway, ResQ is well represented in most of the major oil companies, shipping, military and governmental departments. The Crisis Management department provides a complete and flexible concept for emergency response and support services. Emergency Coordination Centre at Forus outside Stavanger provides a full suite of on-duty emergency response services at tactical and strategic levels.

ResQ offers a wide range of courses including both standard and mandatory training for the offshore oil and gas activities in Norway according to Norwegian Oil and Gas guidelines and also offers all standard and mandatory courses for personnel within Norwegian shipping and maritime industry according to STCW regulations.

ResQ offers a variety of courses related to safety and emergency preparedness on and offshore including tailor-made courses for customers.

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Training Programs

Maritime Training Courses

Offshore Courses

  • Additional module Norwegian Oil and Gas (ref. Mutual Agreement)
  • Combined course Search and Rescue team/HLO Refresher
  • Combined course Search and Rescue team/HLO/MOB boat Refresher
  • Coxswain conventional lifeboat - basic and refresher course
  • Coxswain Free-fall lifeboat - basic and refresher course
  • Coxswain skid launch lifeboat - basic and refresher course
  • Emergency Management - basic and refresher course
  • First Aid course - basic and refresher course
  • GSK-Basic Safety and Emergency Course
  • GSK-Basic Safety and Emergency Training, Refresher Course
  • GSK-Refresher Course for emergency personnell
  • Helicopter underwater escape training (HUET) incl. EBS
  • HLO - Basic and refresher course
  • Large MOB Boat (Daughtercraft) - basic and refresher course
  • On-scene Commander - basic and refresher course
  • Search and Rescue Team - basic and refresher course
  • Small MOB boat - basic and refresher course

Crisis Management Courses

  • Crisis Management Courses
  • Basic Emergency Response
  • Crisis Communication
  • Incident Commander Training
  • Investigation Training
  • Liaison Training
  • Media Training
  • Next of kin/Personnel Care Training
  • Offshore Installation Manager Leadership Training
  • Strategic Crisis Management

Crisis Management Training & Exercises

  • Development of incident scenarios
  • Full-scale onshore/offshore exercises
  • Role play exercises
  • Tabletops