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Kongsberg Maritime Training Worldwide

Kongsberg Maritime Training in Norway, USA, Canada, UK, Greece, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, China, and UAE

kongsbert maritime training

Kongsberg Maritime delivers products and systems for dynamic positioning, navigation and automation to merchant vessels and offshore installations. Kongsberg also supply products and systems for seabed surveying, surveillance, training simulators, and for fishing vessels and fisheries research. Important markets include countries with large offshore and shipyard industries.

To meet specific training requirements Kongsberg Maritime Training offers both standard and tailor made courses that teach the use and maintenance of Kongsberg products. The courses are conducted in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Far East & Oceania.

The courses are designed to give participants a deep understanding and detailed product knowledge within each course curriculum. Courses may include both operational and technical training and vary from basic levels to advanced training depending on the required training level.

kongsberg maritime training center

Training Programs

Automation Courses

  • ACON Operation and Maintenance course
  • K-Chief 600 Basic Course
  • K-Chief 600 Maintenance Course
  • K-Chief 600 Operator Maintenance Course
  • K-Chief 700 Intensive Maintenance, RBus
  • K-Chief 700 LNG Dual Fuel Gas Management Course
  • K-Chief 700 Me-Gi Scenario Course
  • K-Chief 700 Operator and K-Safe Operator Course
  • K-Chief 700 Operator Course
  • K-Chief 700 Step 1 - System Introduction Course
  • K-Chief 700 Step 1-LNG, System Introduction Course
  • K-Chief 700 Step 2 - Maintenance RBus Course
  • K-Chief 700 Step 2 - Maintenance SpBus Course
  • K-Load LODIC Operator Course
  • K-Safe Maintenance Course
  • K-Safe Operator Course
  • K-Thrust 700 Maintenance Course
  • Power Management System Operator Course

Combination Courses


  • K-Pos Maintenance & K-Bridge Maintenance
  • K-Chief Step 1 & K-Chief Step 2
  • KPOS Maintenance & HIPAP Technical
  • K-Chief Operator & K-Safe Operator
  • K-Pos Maintenance, K-Chief Step 1 & K-Chief Step 2


  • Maintenance Training, Rauma, Finland
  • Aquapilot, remote control system
  • Maintenance Training Ålesund, Norway
  • MCON, remote control system
  • Helicon X3, remote control system
  • Helicon X, remote control system
  • Extended - Helicon X3, remote control system
  • Retraining - Helicon X3, remote control system  
  • Maintenance Training Kokkola, Finland
  • Vector controls, remote control system
  • ROCCS, remote control system
  • Maintenance Training, Kristinehamn, Sweden
  • Canman, remote control system  
  • Canman Touch, remote control system


  • Offshore Crane Advanced Course
  • Offshore Crane Basic Course
  • Subsea Crane Advanced Course
  • Subsea Crane Basic
  • Subsea Crane for Engineers

Deck Machinery

  • Deck Crane/Cargo Rail Crane Familiarization
  • Intro to Hydraulics Operation and Maintenance
  • Launch and Recovery System 2 days
  • Launch and Recovery System 3 days
  • Offshore Crane Familiarization
  • Rig anchor and mooring winch system
  • Seismic - Hydraulic Maintenance Course
  • Seismic Observer Operator Training
  • Stabilizers training course
  • Steering Gear SR/RV Operation/Maintenance Training
  • Subsea Crane Familiarization
  • Towcon AHT Winch Technical Training Course
  • Towcon RT AHT Winch Operation Training

Dynamic Positioning

Courses for Operational Bridge Personnel

  • DP Awareness Course
  • DP Emergency Response Course
  • DP Introduction Course
  • DP Operator Refresher Course
  • DP Refresher Training
  • K-POS DP Operator Intensive Training
  • K-POS Familiarization Course - General
  • K-Pos Position Mooring Operator Course - General
  • Riser Management System Operator Course

Courses for Technical Personnel

  • DP Awareness Course
  • DP Introduction Course
  • DP Maintenance Refresher Course
  • K-Master Maintenance Course
  • K-Pos Maintenance Course
  • K-Pos Maintenance Stage 1 Course
  • K-Pos Maintenance Stage 2 Course
  • SDP Maintenance Course

DNV-GL Certification Scheme

  • DNVGL DPO Experience Course
  • DNVGL DPO Preparation Course
  • DNVGL DPO Re-Certification, Preparatory Course
  • DNVGL DPO Specialization Advanced Operations
  • DNVGL DPO Specialization AutH
  • DNVGL DPO Specialization Shuttle Tanker
  • DNVGL DPO Start Course


  • Advanced Operations, DNV GL-ST-0023
  • AutH, DNV GL-ST-0023
  • Shuttle Tanker, DNV GL-ST-0023

Nautical Institute Certification Scheme

  • DP Induction Course - NI approved
  • DP Sea Time Reduction Course - NI approved
  • DP Shuttle Tanker Course B - NI approved
  • DP Simulator Course - NI approved
  • DPO Revalidation Course - NI approved


  • Hordvikneset, Bergen, Norway
  • Bergen Diesel and Gas Basic Level 1 Training
  • Bergen Diesel Engine Maintenance Training
  • Bergen Gas Maintenance Training

Maritime Simulators

  • K-Sim Area Modelling Course
  • K-Sim DP Application Course
  • K-Sim Engine Operator Course
  • K-Sim Navigation Introduction course
  • K-Sim Navigation Maintenance Course
  • K-Sim Navigation Operator Course 1
  • K-Sim Navigation Operator Course 2
  • K-Sim Navigation Workshop Vessel model porting

Navigation and Shiphandling

  • ECDIS E-Learning
  • K-Bridge ECDIS Familiarization Course
  • K-Bridge Operator Course incl. ECDIS Fam.
  • K-Load LODIC Operator Course
  • Shiphandling Phase 1 Course

Offshore Loading

  • Offshore Loading Phase 1 Course
  • Offshore Loading Phase 1 with DP Cap
  • Offshore Loading Phase 2 Course
  • Offshore Loading Phase 2 with DP Cap
  • Offshore Loading Phase 3 Course

Position Reference

  • HAIN Reference Operator Course
  • HiPAP and HAIN Customized Course
  • HiPAP LBL and HAIN Reference Operator Course
  • HiPAP LBL Operator Course
  • HiPAP Operator Course
  • HiPAP Technical Course
  • Position Reference System Operator Course
  • Position Reference Systems Operator Brazil
  • Seatex DARPS Operator and Technical Course
  • Seatex DARPS Operator Course
  • Seatex DPS Operator and Technical Course

Power Electric Systems

Ålesund, Norway

  • Power Electric Propulsion System Training
  • Power Management System


Ålesund, Norway

  • Reduction gear, type AGSC/AGHC - Maintenance training  
  • Azimuth thruster, type TCNS/TCNC - Maintenance training  
  • Azimuth thruster, type Azipull - Maintenance training  
  • Tunnel thruster, type TT - Maintenance training  

Kristinehamn, Sweden

  • Controllable pitch propeller - Operation and maintenance training  
  • Controllable pitch propeller - Maintenance level B training    
  • Waterjet, Kamewa S-series - Maintenance level A training  
  • Waterjet, Kamewa S-series - Maintenance level B training    

Kokkola, Finland

  • Waterjet mechanics, Kamewa A3-series - Maintenance training  
  • Waterjet mechanics, Kamewa FF-series - Maintenance training  

Rauma, Finland

  • Azimuth thruster, type UL/US/UUC/UUS - Maintenance training

Subsea and Marine Robotics

  • AUV Operations Introduction Course
  • EA Operator Course
  • EM Maintenance Add On Course
  • EM Maintenance Course
  • HiPAP Survey Course
  • SBP 120 - 300 Operator Course
  • SIS and EM Operator Course
  • SIS Introduction Course

Non-Technical Training

  • Art of Assessment
  • Art of Instruction

Customized Training

  • Vessel specific courses
  • Operation specific courses
  • Scenario based training
  • Emergency Response training
  • Onboard/Onsite training
  • Remote training
  • Advisory services

Competence Assessment

  • Online Tests
  • On site assessment (Training Centre)