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Molde University College (HiMolde) - Logistics Education and Research

Masters Programs in Logistics Management and Sustainable Energy Logistics & PhD Program in Logistics in Molde, Norway

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Founded in 1994, Molde University College (HiMolde) is a ppecialized university in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) and offers programs in Logistics, Economics and Business Administration, Management, and more. Molde University College is the nation's leading educational and research institution in logistics.

Logistics studies combined with finance and IT enables Molde University College offers unique expertise. Out of a student body of 2500, about 250 are students with foreign nationalities, representing about 60 nationalities.

Molde University College has three faculties, Faculty of Logistics, Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences and Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Care, all located at Molde Campus, 3 kilometers from the town centre of Molde.

At master's level, the international programs are offered in English. The PhD program is internationally known and recognized. The logistics studies focus on planning for supply chain, procurement, inventory management and distribution.

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Academic Programs

Masters Programs

  • MSc in Logistics (2 years): The MSc program in Logistics is therefore built on a broad spectrum of disciplines, such as economics, information/ communication technology, business administration, organization and management. There are two specializations within the MSc program in Logistics - Operation Management (OM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM). Students choosing the study option Supply Chain Management will choose between 3 different sub-variants in the second semester - Advanced Supply Chain Management, Transportation in Supply Chain Management and Information Systems in Supply Chain Management.
  • MSc in Sustainable Energy Logistics (2 years): Along with presenting a broad range of logistics topics, the program gives an understanding of the energy situation in the world, comparing existing renewable energy sources, as well as non-renewable sources, in terms of costs, qualities and availability. The program also provides knowledge about efficient energy management, like e.g., dynamic purchasing from different energy sources, and analysis of energy use and emissions.

Research Program

  • PhD in Logistics (3 years): The PhD is a full-time program leading to a doctoral degree in logistics. The conferral of the doctoral degree in logistics signifies that the candidate has attained expert competence in a major field of study. Candidates usually plan on spending four years, including a 25% workload outside the program or with teaching duties at the college. The overall purpose of the program is to give the student a deepened and broadened theoretical and methodological knowledge, alongside the experience of having completed a substantial piece of original scientific work.

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